Friday, August 18, 2017

Steadfast Motion

Time is our friend.

As the energies intensify--and depending on you who align with and what you read it can result in a multitude of different 'flavors' in its significance--as we march closer to the eclipse we also march closer to moving beyond it.

I am spending this time nurturing myself as much as possible.

I must.

I just got over an illness. I have lots of long work days going on. And I'm a single mom.

One of the things I do while I am taking it 'easy' is to think.

That's why I'm sharing with you the Om symbol.

It is the highest symbol in Karuna Reiki. Did you know that it's a Reiki symbol too?

It is.

Our teacher taught us it is the vibration of the Universe. The energy of OM is what 'makes everything go'.

It means way more than just jewelry or tattoo design.

I also noticed this is the ONE symbol that the Dark Ones--those who do not have our best interest at heart--haven't 'altered'.  Other symbols they desecrate. But this one? Hmmm, I don't know, did they forget?

It's both curious and fascinating.

I've also been on a rant with the Divine, reading them the riot act.

It's about suffering.

Creator Writings 8/17/19 said, 'Every moment you cried out to me I was there...every moment of your human experience is Divine'...

I told Creator to just take all those 'gifts' of suffering and exchange them back at the store.

I want nothing to do with them.

It's a horrible way to learn, and there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING 'Divine' about trauma based mind control programming, about starving children slaves in the Congo digging out cobalt from the mud, about torture...about being controlled by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I told Creator to stifle it and to get on with HEALING everything and everyone!

I'm done.

Then I found this article and I was like, AHA! and waving it in the face of the Divine--for nobody anywhere on my councils seems to understand how terrible and awful suffering really is to experience--even 'if' it is 'only illusion'.

Then I started hearing, 'you will have joy'...

Over and over as I went through my day.

'You will have joy'

There are so many things I can't understand.

Ross is very quiet, helping me only the minimum. I think he knows me well enough not to approach when I'm in this mood.

The last we really spoke, he was comparing the cannibals in the forests of New Guinea with their form of cannibalism to the kind of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. He's like, 'Carla? Would you fault them, the local natives, where it is their culture and tradition to eat their enemies and have done it for a long time?'

I wouldn't budge an inch on making the occult practices of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart any less horrible and icky than they already are.

I got his point. He was right. Logically. Culture is culture.

But my emotions wouldn't soothe. Not with all the ongoing practices.

Basically, my argument is this--I can forgive an asshole. BUT, that is only when there is the general agreement that an asshole IS an asshole. A child of God? Yes, of course! But a mean nasty junkyard dog of a soul who hurts people and strikes fear everywhere it goes? If you call it what it is--and I CHOOSE to forgive, I can.

The other thing is that the ones who are trying to ruin my reputation at work--in particular the colleague who is a 'whore'--that's the term for doctors who are expert witnesses against other doctors and who witness against the plaintiff--is 'going to pay dearly for what they did'.

I don't know how that will work. But 'you will have joy' and 'they will pay dearly' and the messages coming through from source.

Yesterday's patient I could have killed had I not had my cardiac fellowship and training. One stick of propofol injected fast and that would have been the end.  I was able to take care of him, and manage everything, and he woke up just fine.

I am good at what I do. And people like me. As long as I am able to do the work I will with an open heart.

I hate suffering. And I want my patients to go through surgery with the minimum of it, every single day.

Ross had also tried to explain to me that his death was much like in Anthony's video games. You just pop up and have a new life experience, it wasn't so bad...

I suffered with him. Divine Mother Incarnate says she saw his suffering too. It was real, on that timeline. It was horrible.

She also says that the mergings are still going on because the cruelty has to stop. The dark ones get the choice, heal or merge, and it's been going strong for quite some time now. It hasn't slowed down.

I'm so grateful Divine Mother is doing something to clean this place up.

This is why work keeps getting less and less fun. There's SO much red tape! It isn't at all like it was when I started my career. A surgeon wanted to leave a lap sponge in a patient as packing for an open wound. The nurses shot him down. He had to take it out and put something else they approved of in the wound. They didn't want to get in trouble...

Another surgeon told me a PACU  nurse discharges her patients home without an order. She goes to look at her patient to make sure they are okay before she sends them home, and they are gone. She says the PACU nurses turf everyone the second they wake up--an exaggeration--but she wanted our patient to void (urinary retention is a side effect of the surgery) and PACU made her admit him to the floor.

It's a crazy world out there in medicine.

Ross says he will talk when I don't have to get ready for work. It's time for breakfast.

BTW, they had their first 'Terminal Dust' in Alaska. It's a snowfall very high in the atmosphere that marks the end of summer.

The Earth is always in motion.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Advisors

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Stretch!

We are One.

Just like with our bodies, all the parts make us 'one'--technically--hands, feet, heart, eyes...

That being said, I am going through a 'stretch' mentally, trying to reframe my perspective from 'Ground Crew Incarnate' to 'Galactic'.

Here's the article that really made me stop in my tracks:

In it, our Guiding Council shows it's mastery, it's total being outside the Illusion, and in a way, it irked me somewhat to listen to the audacity of their statements and know in my soul without a doubt they are correct...and they aren't holding their brilliance back!

It's humbling.

Logically in my Lightworker role, I thought:  Dark Ones Exposed = Everyone Wakes Up.

The Galactics are like: If people want to buy into the Eclipse, and it makes them 'feel spiritual', THEN it is 'spiritual'.

They pay Lip Service to the 'we wouldn't want to condone anything' to the nefarious outcome from the Eclipse as anticipated by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

To the Galactics, everything here is Illusion, almost one big fat joke if you took the suffering out of it.

What are they going to do while everyone is looking up?

Fly by?

A light show?

I don't know.

But this gets me again and again where it hurts, the part of me that doesn't understand Creator of All That Is, the part that I truly don't LIKE about Creator and Creator's sense of values.

Slackers get the SAME goodies and rewards as those who work hard for Creator.

The prodigal son.

The people invited later in the day to work in the fields get the same pay as those who have worked all day.

On the other hand, in the Bible at least, there is contradiction with the talents (the one who buries them gets them taken away) and the Light On A Hill and the people with the oil lamps who fell asleep before the bridegroom came.

Either way, we are working with a funny Creator who is NOT of Earth--and has a funny sense of 'values'--which is probably a good thing because most of our 'values' --work hard = reward--are probably drilled into us by the slave masters at Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

For the same token, people who are all bent out of shape over the latest Psychological Operatives and are unfriending people and getting all worked up over it--in a sense, as twisted as it is, by biting the hook, line, and sinker offered to them by the Mainstream Media, are in fact, in their own way, waking up.

They are starting to question the status quo.

Stupid me I thought this whole waking up thing would be peaceful.


I thought this whole waking up thing would 'make sense' and not be all crazy emotional tantrums from all sides.

Oh well I guess I signed up for this.

The Headmasters at the school of Earth kind of want to close it. It's not very useful, the curriculum and nobody follows it anyway.  But they can't lock the gates until everyone is out of the schoolyard.

Anyhow, here's MY lesson.

I go to my crystal shop, in my scrubs, and there's this couple there. The crystal shop people are awesome. The manager was at the counter and she was having her ears talked off by this couple. He is a retired surfer (surfer ear) and he fell in love with her when she was bald from her chemotherapy.

They completely ignore me.

They hog up the counter.

I sat for a while with a crystal, and listened to them.

They talked about ear candling. Apple cider vinegar. Chemotherapy. Some store in Temecula. They asked to franchise the store here, if there was opportunity.

Talk about the Salt Of The Earth, right?

This store to them was freaking foreplay.

I couldn't take any more, and I asked to have a session on the LifeStream. It's an electronic machine that just creates like, negative ions or something. You go in a room and touch it for twenty minutes and it just makes everything better.

I came out and the couple was still there. They were there for another half hour, pointedly talking medicine within my earshot--not really 'medicine' but THEIR kind of holistic 'medicine'--and ignoring me.

I held my crystal. It's a Lemurian sphere.

I asked it if it would help me learn the lesson of One, please?

It said yes and I took it Home.

One is a hard lesson.

It's kind of like being a doctor. You know so much more about things and how they work that most people never even know.

And being an anesthesiologist--you work so hard and if you do your job right people never even remember who you are!

I did a miracle yesterday.

I did.

I got someone off the ventilator. I was able to extubatne them according to their wishes. It was against all odds. I worked very very very hard the whole case, getting these sore and tired lungs to breathe on their own. They didn't want to.

The surgeon who was proctoring the new one noticed how hard I was working.

Nobody else did.

In a way it's thankless, what I do.

The same goes for Lightwork and Ground Crew.

In the long and short of it, our assignment is to Wake People Up. And if an opportunity like the Eclipse comes along, the Galactics are more than willing to 'hijack it' for the cause.

They can and will.

After all, it's Illusion.

Yesterday, Ross and I attached something to someone from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--a high ranking one--who was off guard. It's a one-way valve. The Ross opened one floodgate, and I opened the other. Ross is very delighted! I haven't seen him smiling that big in a long time.

Since that time, through this individual, their Team and all the timelines connected to it are being absolutely FLOODED with the frequencies of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

In my mind's eye I saw great joy, and I looked forward to these lost members of our soul family coming home and enjoying the Homecoming with us.

That's the whole point--to bring the lost ones home.

We shall see what happens.

In the meantime, with the Eclipse, I will be at work, and I will miss it.

The energies are building and I'm looking forward to it being over once and for all.

If the eclipse were a dance I would just sit this one out. Because I don't want to condone ANYTHING out of respect for those traumatized and lost by The Other Team.

That's just my way.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time To Hunker Down

Gaia has one last storm to endure, energetically. On Monday the energies shifted on the planet. I could feel it.

Illness came upon my home. Fever and chills. Terrible terrible headache. Diarrhea. Malaise. It could have brought fear of exposure to the plague. I chose to trust and use the Divine Healing Code given to me by Divine Mother herself--I haven't published it yet--and it worked.

Somehow I was able to navigate it so we were home from work and school yesterday.

I had a double betrayal on Monday--one by a patient, another by a colleague who isn't in my group but a pain doctor I work with. Both are against me, in writing, and taking down my reputation. It was so painful, so unexpected, so dark...

But I had support from my boss and my legal teams...and I was grateful. I also called my billing company and refused to bill the patient. I don't want their money. They can keep it.

The mainstream media has turned to a joke. I ignore it completely.

So as the energies face the 'black hole sun' of the eclipse, where the occult leaders of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are going to do their last 'hurrah'-- I hold fast the vision of Divine Mother Incarnate--where we are at the door to the new era, and she is ringing the doorbell, and through that door is a wonderful garden of flowers and green and nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

We are highly trained specialists from where we are from--Home--in Heaven--and we are not unlike the Green Berets or Navy Seals in our skill sets we were given before we came.

And we wait.

We do our jobs and we wait.

As I watched many videos yesterday, and read articles, I was struck with a sadness that is difficult for me to describe.

For example, I've had a feeling for the longest time it was 'us' versus 'them'--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Yesterday, I realized, 'they' and 'us' have a lot in common--we are related back Home somehow--and 'they' have made lots of terrible mistakes!

I felt the guilt and remorse and sadness of a family member who is watching a brother or sister ruin their life--to drugs or to other mistakes--as I watched the videos. A helplessness.

I also got the 'gist' of just how EXTENSIVE the planning is for the New World Order (not a good thing, it's their Neo-Marxist One World), how deliberate, and that made me sad too.

So I hunkered down.

We had a meal at home, actually three, which is unheard of with my busy life.  We had buckwheat and a little bacon. For lunch it was BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich) and honeydew melon. Supper was made with Anthony's help, he made the organic hamburger patties with cheese inside--he chose to add cajun seasoning, mustard roasted brussels sprouts, and pesto pasta.

We watched one episode of the Andy Griffith Show. I realized how much times HAVE changed. And I longed for those simple carefree times in my youth.

And during the day, one battle after the next for my business/professional/home needs. Depositing the refunds from the last day off work where I called the companies who were overcharging me. I figured out what is asked of me by my deadline for my Maintenance of Certification, after calling the boards to ask for help. (One way is to spend time on a simulator--for two thousand dollars--which I'd rather find other, cheaper ways to meet the requirement)...even the air conditioner got fixed ten days after I made the claim. I also asked the neighbors to move out of my parking spot because the worker was coming. They moved it.

We can do this.

I have been told to wear a bracelet or scarf with moss green and sunny yellow for protection.

And I'm totally forgiving myself/giving myself room to take it easy for the next two weeks, doing the minimum, to get myself through the energies.

I even went to sleep in my clothes for two days in a row, something I never do, because it's helping me get by.

Here is a list Ross wants me to make of what I've been watching--you don't have to follow them unless you feel so moved to do so:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, August 14, 2017


The learning is intensifying.

I am greatly enjoying it.

I am taking it all in with great big GULPS!

This is a concept article for the advanced students, for those who have been readers of this page and gone through the whole experience with our journey of Doctors With Reiki.

For others, please, take your time.

There is no pressure for you to understand, no time limit.

clap! clap!

Each of us, with our energy signature, our own unique, individual vibration, is sending out a signal not just in circles like the water diagram here (I chose it because it is found on Earth, and many of us are familiar with it)--but in SPHERES of energy which radiate out from our inner core, our chakras.

Together, our 'bodies'--the physical, mental, emotional, causal--there are so many names!--are constantly changing as we experience life--and yet, no only does Creator of All That Is recognize us as 'unique' souls--but those we are incarnate with experience us--our blended energy bandwidth in the spectrum of all Life that Is...and recognize us and know us well.

Our loved ones are doing this too.

So are the people in the crowds and on the subways.

All of us who have ever lived are marching through time creating our own 'circle of influence' or more correctly, 'sphere'...and THIS is the beauty and wonder of our experience of Life Incarnate.

Through our own Free Will, and our ability to LISTEN to our heart of hearts, and temper it with our mind...we make decisions...and somehow it everything works out for the Highest Good.

Today's audacious advice is:  Dare To Be Wrong

This is wise advise as we are constantly Learning and Growing.

It is ego which compels us to keep things 'the way they are' and 'hold on to things' for us to have a sense of 'stability' in life which is somewhat erroneous in the sense that when one really stops to think about it, the only thing constant in Life is Change.

I am writing today a testimony of a person, a very dear friend, who by living his life guided me to a higher understanding than what I had years ago.

I had to slowly come around from what had been taught to me, and to learn with my eyes and ears and most importantly my heart...what is True in a Universal sense.

I hate to admit it, but there was a time where I, a devout Catholic, and Lorion, a devout Ell-Dee-Ess, discussed the topic of Gay Marriage.

Basically, we didn't KNOW. We knew gay people. We knew what our churches were telling us. And on some level, we came to the conclusion that perhaps there was some unforeseen risk to the souls of those seeking gay marriage, and perhaps it was best to trust the doctrine of our churches in whatever wisdom our leaders had in interpreting the Bible on this subject.

I knew at the time there were some minor irregularities in the various translations of the Bible.

I had no clue of the possibility of deliberate tampering/altering the themes of the Bible, either taking  entire portions out or adding things in.

I also had no inkling there is good reason to question the 'infallibility' of the church at the time.

However, my dear friend Jorge, from medical school, spent a year finding himself before he committed to anesthesia as a specialty. He graduated one year late.

Jorge took me to gay bars so we could dance. He, like myself back in the day, is an excellent dancer. We used to practice as a class ballroom steps during class breaks between lectures. We would go out to dance halls. And my favorite was Wednesday nights at Pechanga (doesn't exist any more--a nightclub) where at eight o'clock they did free lessons in salsa, and at ten, merengues.  I actually would take a jazz class BEFORE Pechanga, and I would usually have a very light meal in a hurry because I didn't want to miss out on salsa...

Somehow, through life's ups and downs, Jorge and I always kept in touch.  We grew even closer through FB.

I'll never forget the Christmas Cards. Beautiful smiling faces of Jorge and Terry, his partner, grew to include Tristan (eighteen now, and he has Down's Syndrome) and Lauren (sixteen).

The very day Gay Marriage was legal, Jorge and Terry took the day off, and went to the courthouse.

I cried with joy to share their joy, as I saw their faces online, on FB.

Gently, expertly, Creator was guiding me, through my heart, through sharing their lives, what love is all about.

And it has nothing to do with organized doctrine.

I met Terry for the first time at my twentieth medical school reunion. I couldn't tell who was more excited to meet who--I felt like I had know Terry forever, and I was super, duper happy for Jorge to have his life work out for him so well (when mine, by following the doctrines, hadn't exactly 'worked out' lol. Two divorces and an out-of-wedlock baby, now a single mom, and I too, was very happy with my own life! Imagine that!)

I just got back from Tucson for their official 'wedding'.

This was the big one where they stood in front of their loved ones, and said their vows. It was the family, Jorge, Terry, and the kids...blending sand and showing different colors of roses to mean different things, and binding them with ribbon to mean more things...

I saw the look in their eyes, in their children's eyes, and in their loved ones which included me and Anthony...and it was good...

And the party that followed, the dinner and the dancing, was joyous. It was funny how Jorge interrupted our dinner to announce that sunset would be beautiful and he had chosen the venue to let us see it during monsoon with all the colors.  It was incredible! Lightning in the distance...pinks and blues and purples in the clouds. You could see the entire horizon.

Jorge also took the time to introduce the guests table by table, to explain their connection to Terry and him, and why they were here to celebrate with them.

Again and again, was the theme, 'they welcomed Terry and me, and our relationship, with open arms'...'they live by their heart'...'in Tucson we had no one and these Thai anesthesiologists became our family because they welcomed us--whenever we were sick or needed anything, they were there to help'...even the babysitter/tutor for Tristan...who went to medical school and residency...but always found the time to help with the kids, busy as he was, was family...Jorge's cousins were there...but not all of them...for example, 'the parents of my sister in law, in Mexico, supported us from day one, and always welcomed us into their home.'...

What was I?

I was the friend with 'humble beginnings like him' who 'clicked' with him since 'day one' of medical school. And this was the first they were able to meet Anthony.

Everyone wants to be welcomed, to be valued, to be loved, and to give love in relationship--as friends, family, family by 'necessity', work family...

That's what counts.

(By contrast, none of Terry's biological family were present, as they are all devout Ell-Deeee-Ess)

When Jorge danced with me, my body wasn't the dancer's body of twenty years ago...but my heart had the joy of being in medical school again, just dancing for being alive and none of this phony meat market stuff...

Everyone got on the dance floor, and had fun.

And I mean, EVERYONE.

Young and old.

Even Anthony, who didn't like gay techno dance music...I brought him to the floor for a salsa song near the end.

Then, much to my surprise, played Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un of my absolute favorite songs about LIFE. I had just been playing it two days ago on the way home from work, loud loud, over and over in the car.

As Anthony and I danced, and my joy increased more, I saw Ross, out the corner of my eye. Ross adores it, when I am like this, as it is my nature, to be joyful and loving, happy and free. Ross was just to my right, of my right hand (Anthony's left hand), close and tall, moving with us with the music.

I know without a doubt, as the energies of my heart increase, one day, Ross is going to just pop right into view...because THEN my physical eye, and my mind's eye, will be compatible vibrationally...

I can't wait!

I haven't even started on the lessons.  I've just scratched the surface.

As I landed in Phoenix (yes, we were in Tucson, and needed to change planes to get there)--I had already had an amazing day.

Anthony and I had thought of our dear friends who had moved to the Bay Area for a job relocation. It turned out that same week, they were in the area. I was off post-call on Friday. So we met up at their rental in Laguna Beach.  We spent the afternoon both at the beach and in the water. It was fun to go on Victoria Beach, to the pirate's keep, and to have to time the waves to get across to the tide pools. We also relaxed on their patio furniture--nice cushy couches under big umbrellas--by the pool as the kids went swimming.

Laguna Beach sand was on me still in Phoenix! We had rushed to pack and get to the airport just in time.

As I was landing after the first leg of our flight--or possibly taking off--Ross asked me to help him. Together we put a circle all around the city of Phoenix. He told me it is going to be a new Healing Center. It isn't like Sedona. And it isn't what people would think as 'healing'--but it's true, and he was both excited and pleased about it.  saw it, golden, and like a thirty foot 'fence' of energy, all around the town.

I also was surprised at how I was 'digging' back home in Laguna beach around the vortex, with a spiritual shovel, and I was breaking apart these elastic energy 'ties' that were holding it down to repress it (This is a HUGE feature of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--obstructing/blocking/weakening Gaia's natural energy points). I saw them retracting, there were like eight of them.

Ross told me Tucson was going to be a place of Divine Justice--again, not what we would think--but it's going to be a very famous site for this.

(The next day, at the wedding, on the dance floor, Jorge told me that the man who married them--the one who said, and it struck me as odd, there is no LEGAL reason to hold back this marriage!--was the SAME high-ranking district court JUDGE who had married them the first time! They had been the last ones of the day. And later, this judge/justice retired. But Terry sent an email explaining the situation to the courthouse, and they forwarded it to the Judge--who came to officiate again for them! He came out of retirement for the ceremony!)

Tonight, as I was either landing or taking off from Phoenix, Ross asked me to help him again. This time we added a similar ring, perpendicular to the horizontal one. And the two are rotating and creating a sphere around the city and surrounding areas.

Earlier today Divine Mother Incarnate told me that 'they had ramped up the mergings again, Divine Father had told her--although she didn't know how it could be speeded up any more than it has?'

I know.

I know a great many things that I do not tell a soul.

In the pool, at the hotel on Saturday, I was given a new Reiki symbol.

This one 'Honors The Galactic Central Sun'.

It takes me about six months of sending a new Reiki symbol out in the daily healings, to where my students are able to be attuned to it.

And for people who haven't been 'prepared' (for lack of a better word)--even the energies of Galactic Reiki are much too strong for them upon attunement, and they have terrible reactions to it, in the form of a 'cleanse'...

My job is to anchor these new frequencies and to share them with people like you who follow our work.

We had  a huge jumpstart from that today.


And that's not all.

The hotel where the wedding was, and where we stayed, had once been a 'finishing school' for families like the well as a 'Guest Ranch' for famous stars like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...after the school was closed.


There was some 'cleaning house' too.

You know, there was a free copy of OK magazine in the seat pocket on the flight from Tucson to Phoenix.

We were stuck for twenty minutes on the ground before taking off.

I read it.

Every single person in that magazine is from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they are tools used by those who control the media--specialist 'celebrities' who have been 'groomed' to have 'influence over us'.

I grew up reading the National Enquirer. It's fun reading. And fascinating.

Today I realized it appeals to the feminine--to 'tend and befriend' survival instinct'--to help US feel like, 'everything is okay' or 'we have it better than those stars (in the fat bathing suits or the bad plastic surgery)'....I realized it's created using the technique and guidelines from those who were behind Nazi propaganda...I could see too how the influence of the demonic was in the faces of so many and it couldn't be hidden any longer after a lifetime of being a card-carrying member of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

I could SEE right through the smoke and mirrors at the TRUTH.

Many of you are discovering the disturbing movies on YouTube--or articles--which are hard to stomach because it's hard to ignore what's been going on in plain sight but hidden.

It's all around you, everywhere you look, even the magazines like I saw today.

What else is there to do beside hike in Nature that isn't part of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, right?

What is there to do? Should we fight it?

There comes a point where you decide you know the basics. You have educated yourself enough to know for certain what symbols mean what, what a 'public ritual' looks like--so you don't support those things with your attention.

Then you get RESOLVE.

RESOLVE to take the high road, to keep the thoughts clear, and to follow your own life lessons to the letter...

Once you do this, the ripples are going to affect the others, and at some point, nothing will be hidden.

Just like me with the magazine earlier today...I can SEE...and everyone else will too.

A friend watched a sacrifice from the 1970's...trying to educate himself...and frankly it was 'too much'. He started getting icky thoughts...

If you get the icky might be some old past life triggering...just stop...and do your best to hold your vibration high.

This friend is doing a wonderful job following his soul to help awaken others...

You don't have to watch every movie exposing Things Hidden to be able to help awaken others. Just make sure you know enough that you are talking from your inner knowing, and not just quoting others who are following theirs...and you will be authentic and doing exactly what you were sent here to do.

See how many ripples there are? All working together, like the beautiful sea...


This one here's for my Carla

Darling you are my EVERYTHING...

I am so very proud of your accomplishments.

And for sharing them with those you love--our readers...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Cons

As many of you who have been regular readers of this blog know, I have access to memories of all of my past lives. I can remember everything, off and on, for a few thousand years--as my soul--and even before that as not incarnate.

My most immediate recent past life was as a 'kitten' for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. I died when I was nine.

I was always in a beige room, I never saw sunlight, and I was highly 'groomed' so only the elite could come spend time with me.

I did horrible things, and was praised for it, and given lots of candy and toys. I only remember the good and I have no recollection of the pain or of fear. It was my job and I wanted to do well at it.

I think I went to the bathroom in a little chamber pot in the corner. I don't have memories of a proper bathroom.

Monarch programming 'imprints' things on the soul which carry forth from one life to the next. This is the source of the clues which helped me to learn more about myself, until the memories came out from hiding.

For example, as a child I was terrified of blood and needles. I would literally run, screaming, naked, out the front door of the pediatrician's office and they would have to chase me. I thought for sure I would exsanguinate. I would only take a bath after my shots with both a band aid and my underwear on.  One day my father was sick of my peculiarity and took off BOTH my band aid and my underwear (I did this until the skin healed).  I've never screamed such screams before in my life, and I thought for sure I would be dead in a few seconds.

I lived.

There are other examples, but for today, I will share the newest one.

I wanted jello.

Red jello.

My soul wanted it.

I've been doing a lot of work trying to figure out what they have been up to, and how to find the truth and explain it to my readers.

It's time to stop and summarize the things I have had 'catch my attention':

  • I had an intruder in my daily meditation. I was flabbergasted because my time is protected. What looked like a healthy, kind, blond gentleman in spirit was NOT! I told this being to go away, You are too tricky for me. I don't want anything to do with you.  That night, as I was falling asleep, Ross took me by the arm, to a different room, a counsel room, and like a lawyer, defended me and my soul from this trauma. Actions were passed and this soul has--um, what is it called when you can't go near a person--a restraining order? and it was taken far away--this one and the ones similar to it.  Last night, as I was falling asleep, asked me to re-write my life in this incarnation with him. I met him in college and we lived in the Sunset District in San Francisco and lived a boring life with kids. I was overwhelmed with the joy and peace of another chance, inside this body, for happiness. He explained in Spirit we can re-do things, and in my heart I can live a 'parallel life' apart from this one of intense, intense, intense service, just to keep me going in this one. Then he surprised me. Ross took me to a pool. It looked like the morning glory pool in Yellowstone. He wanted me to swim in it. He had never taken me there before. He saw I was scared and splashed the water to show me it was okay. I was worried it was hot and would cook me like at Yellowstone. He took a little water and poured it in my hands, it was warm like a tub, and eased me into the pool. It was magical and beautiful and charming. He held me close and I felt REST. Next I knew, he took me underwater, and I could breathe. I met a dolphin. Ross said I could touch it. But this dolphin, when it squeaked, I understood what it was saying! Next I knew, the dolphin let me hold his fin, and he swam me down to a room where there were MANY dolphins! They were 'standing' on their flukes and talking like at a party or convention. I explained to them my soul pain, of learning about The Ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and what on earth should I say to my readers? It's totally depressing what has been done to Gaia's surface, it's totally infested, what should I do?  Immediately their sonar coursed through my body, like a sound bath. And I could hear them saying, 'it was just a bad dream'.  I saw they were right, and next I knew I was in a bubble heading UP. I fought the bubble and I cried and I wanted to come back. I managed and told them how in THIS realm, MINE, we say proper goodbyes and don't just zap ourselves away. They explained how they understand through telepathy, so they are always connected and don't say goodbyes, but respected my need. They even took a photo with me, and gave it to me as a souvenir. They told me a small stuffed dolphin is coming my way, so I could hold on to it. And then I left.
  • If you have to give a message that is a little rude or awkward, humor is an excellent tool to get the message across without hurting feelings. I've had a feeling that mainstream media programming uses HUMOR to deliver some of the strongest brainwashing there is. Last night, Anthony watched 'Johnny Test' and this was shocking how many 'reinforcements' to the programming 'themes' was in the 'kid cartoon'.  I saw hand gestures, themes like 'no mom is present and dad is stupid', and that hidden government operations (like a mini South Pole to train army troops)--are totally okay and normal.   Watch the programming, especially the humor, because darkness may use it as its favorite tool.
  • The muslims are warning their people against Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart In This Video  It's a good video.
  • My neighbor at the mailbox was making small talk about Kim Jong Un and Guam and the saber rattling. I was like, dude? THIS is why they are talking Guam, not that--The Catholic Church is exploding with lawsuits over pedophilia right now in Guam. My neighbor was like--I could see his face--it resonated with him. (This isn't the parking spot coveter).  He paused, and asked, 'have you heard about the pedophile stuff going on? I 've heard a little.'  I said, 'oh you mean Pizzagate? With the codes like cheese pizza and sauce for horrible things?'  He nodded yes and said it's disgusting.  (People are starting to wake up)
  • THE TESTS  --  I realized with my parking spot coveting neighbor, that just like how WE needed to 'test' our guides as being 'real' and 'with our best interest at heart' and all the temper tantrums we threw about being here as Ground Crew where the conditions were awful--now the shoe is on the other foot, and we, the Ground Crew are the GUIDES to those who slumber. (Sheeple isn't a nice term, I asked Spirit for another, and they said, those who sleep and those who slumber).  It's up to us to really fill our cups and nourish our spirit--because people like my neighbors are going to look for Consistency, and set up little 'tests' to see if we are legitimate and someone who can be trusted.  We aren't asked to do anything more than hold the vibration--we are energetic walking alarm clocks with our very high vibrations! --and to answer questions/offer support to those who are awakening. The only thing is that awakening from a nightmare isn't like waking up in the morning after a good night's rest. So be ready to be tested, set good strong boundaries, and recharge your batteries--a LOT!
  • FACE to FACE. Not everyone in the organization of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is a  specialist in 'things spiritual' (their rituals, or as they say behind their backs, the 'slicers and dicers'). They have experts in the sciences, finance, law, politics, the military, and other areas of expertise, including medicine. I have encountered one nurse and three doctors I think are in that group. It's solely by intuition and careful observation of body language. When you encounter an individual like this, they have been through the Monarch like I was in my past life. So their brain has been shattered to have what they call a 'front' and a 'back'. The front is the day to day personality which may not even KNOW what goes on at night with the personality in the back. One, a heart surgeon, was VERY upset over saving lives if someone wasn't doing well in the heart room--a panic came over him, he sounded like a little kid, and he was going to get in Big Trouble if the patient died was how he acted. Something came 'out' of this surgeon...I could tell it wasn't the first time he's seen death the childhood was full of it, it deeply troubled him, and he came up with this career to 'undo' what he had seen. There were the other clues--the rich upbringing with the father who was an executive, with him being the only one in his family who was ever Christian...I just KNEW.  I knew in my heart. And I always did my best to love and support him, as I sensed it was traumatic, and I also kept my mouth shut until now. And I prayed for this surgeon a LOT. 
  • This is a horrible video. I almost didn't post it. If you are squeamish avoid the eye makeup part, just turn the video off. Yet it opens up realms of deep soul compassion now, for those who have been Monarch trained. They are puppets. It's a terrible waste of human life. And for the dear soul, with the eye makeup, for her suffering, oh my Creator I pray DOUBLY hard for all those behind this Monarch tragedy to be taken away from Earth forever! I can see with my medical trained eyes these are not 'special effects'. For even though the entire experience for all of us with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is a bad dream, and only a dream, the time for change is here. First part of video is okay, the very end at the makeup part is traumatizing--watch with caution.
  • This is the last part. Trauma based mind control is just that. The beginning they have a child in a cage in their feces, hungry and cold. Within sight is another cage with kittens, who are loved, lavished with praise, and fed anything they like.  The trainers say to the child, 'look at the kittens. Do you want to be a kitten?'  At this point, the child will want anything to escape the suffering at hand. This is not Free Will--it is Extreme Duress-- and the child wants to be a 'kitten' and says 'yes'.  Then the long training begins. It's painful. Everyone you have seen in the video before has been raised with this type of training. That's how they trigger at the words and space out. If you have ever looked up from your suffering, and seen the parade of celebrities who are lavished and praised, and wished you could be like a are being 'trained'.  My point is that the exact science of Monarch is being applied without our knowing it to the masses--not in the usual context--but in a larger one for crowds of people. I want you to know what the beginning looks like. And how many times our Fear 'porn' mass media exploit us to 'heartbreak' over and over--then 'praise' us for enduring the 'sessions'.  My neighbor said to me, 'you know, I thought at some point life was going to get easy as I grew older. It hasn't.'  It's true. In our lifetime many external pressures we endure without question. For example, Income Tax to the Federal Government never even existed up to the early 1900's. Now it's here. Stuff like that...I can't see it clear but I can see enough to overlay the template of what goes on behind public view--to our public experience as a whole. Look for it.
  • I would never in a million years think an eclipse of the sun is a holy event. I've lived through many, in my youth, and the energy is visceral and sickening. I can sense these things many people can't. Remember in the Bible what is told--when you want to pray, go to your closet, and talk to God one on one. Don't go to the street corner and pray in sight, because your prayers will not be heard.  These 'mass meditations' are almost like the Super Bowl or the celebrity film awards or TV ones--collections of 'attention' to be directed by 'magicians' in Those who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. For December 2012, Co-Brah had a tour to the pyramids. You would not believe it, but there were TWO groups in different pyramids at the same time trying to do their rituals. Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have STRONG, very STRONG ties to ancient Egyptian magic. I've read in the Melchizidek books--HE took training in the pyramids too, swimming through crocodile tanks and crawling on his belly to a spot in a tunnel where something focused energy to give him a telepathy experience of 'enlightenment' (I have NO clue what 'light' he means, too--all I know is he was trying to square the circle, couldn't figure it out, and a Mason randomly knocked on his door and showed him how. The Mason said he was 'sent'...)  I felt the energy of the Lion's Gate, the Emerald Pathway--open and close. Much good energy came to tide us over until next year. But for the Eclipse? I'm not going to meditate with any group. I'm going to my closet, like I do every day, as my practice.

clap! clap! (that's Ross and it's time for work!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple <3

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Hold On Best

I still haven't worked through all my lessons at this time, although I do have some tips, some kernels of truth which are golden, and I will share:

  • Focus on The Present I just endured an eighteen hour call. Ross' only advice to me was to not get all wrapped up in the past or the future, to just focus on the task at hand in the Now. Fortunately, I was able to create/manifest a couple breaks at the end, some pizza's for our team bought by the nurse house supervisor, and two important case cancellations. That being said, the acuity of the patients I did work with was high--they were very sick (that's acuity) and they were on the edge of life and death the whole case long--and the cases were slow--almost two hours apiece.
  • Is This A Real Threat or a Perceived One?  This is the only hint that came through with my neighbors who are taking advantage of my parking spot. It's also true for throwing a spotlight on the motives of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. The parking spot 'threat' isn't real, my neighbors are good people, and if I ask them to move I know they will. However, I was tricked into thinking it would be a lots less. And it's totally against the rules of our community that they don't park their car in the garage. There's a 'how to handle difficult decisions' tip sheet on the wall at the nurses' lounge at work, and I'm memorizing it. The resentment is building, and I have to keep working with Ross about it.  For Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, they ARE on the one hand a very real risk, because of Agenda 21, and they know if they do imperceptible changes--one generation at a time--we won't see it or know it's there.  They are working around our ability to detect risk. They understand our psychology better than we do...
  • Think Good Thoughts  That's how you beat pedophiles and get them taken off planet. Confrontation, anger, fighting is from duality--me verses you, us verses them. You see, the more GOOD THOUGHTS you keep in your head, ones free from worry and filled with joy, the higher your vibration and it flows to everyone all around you. As the milieu vibration increases, our ability to detect lies and tricks increases to the point where nobody can trick anyone any more.  This is because our 'ability to detect vibes' comes back full online in the higher vibrations. It's not just a 'conscience' at this point--where your inner knowing tells you right from wrong for yourself. It senses the vibration accurately, and you can make informed decisions from there.   
  • Increase Your Awareness this is the other arm of getting rid of the pedophiles-etc off the planet. You can't just wish them off. Sometimes you need to know in your neighborhood and sphere of influence (like me with this blog)--what's up. You need to know a duck is a duck in every way, shape and form the duck can take. That's why you educate yourself. Our opportunity to educate ourselves is dwindling due to the intricate algorithms being tweaked on our social media, which once was free. Mark Dice spells out these changes on YouTube  Sometimes even just turning OFF the commercial entertainment is a form of increasing your awareness, because then you are no longer distracted from the world around you.
  • Roll With It  It's a delicate balance between the needs of others and our needs for ourselves. Yesterday, I picked up Anthony from the sitter since I had worked overnight. We got breakfast. I've found gift cards while cleaning, and we are using them up. We decided to go to Dana Point to catch Pokemon. Then we decided to go whale watching. The sea was extremely choppy. I had dramamine on board, but also, a stomach full of fish and chips.  It wasn't easy, but I didn't throw up. We saw amazing things! A couple of Minke whales. And a super pod of short-beaked common dolphins. These are very active and athletic dolphins who jump and slap the water with their tails. Did you know each dolphin has a name? It's a squeaking dolphin pattern that's unique for each one. I guess someone in the pod names each one. I hope it's the parents. Lots and lots of super cute baby dolphins were with the pod.  So...that was our day. I was sleepy when I came home. I took a short nap that was even shorter due to a phone call in the afternoon. My loved one is better in the hospital. I would have loved to go visit. But I wouldn't have been safe for a long, traffic -filled drive which would be about three hours each way, six total if you add them up outside the visit.
  • Trust One way of another you are going to be okay. No matter what. Focus on learning your lessons, and everything else will take care of itself. Be sure to watch for signs and symbols from your guides.
Last night as I was falling asleep, I went to my guide's meeting. I saw myself walking with Ross. I stopped him and said I was embarrassed. He asked me why? I said, 'it's because this time I KNOW'.  I also paused and told him I couldn't have a nicer person to help me walk there. He was flattered. As I entered the room, I recall briefly who was there, and how we were talking. I was woken up by texts three times.  I was like, 'Ross?! What is this?!' and in the end, I couldn't remember, because of the texts. I can't remember anything more than a hallway that was white, walking and hearing heels from me (but Ross no, his shoe technology was advanced), and being happy to see my teams. 

It's time for work, I must go.

My blessings to you with the energies.

THESE are the energies I begged for to arrive in 2012.

I'm glad they are here.

I know it might be a stretch for you, so hang in there, hold on, and know in your heart as uncomfortable as they might be for you--we couldn't go from 'Point A' to 'Point B' in the Ascencion process without their energy, their  vibration, and their light.

Please know there IS an invisible sun, which gives its head to everyone (Sting)--I see it and know it and feel it. 

One day you will too.

I will clarify that there are TWO kinds of 'light' you might hear in the the Lightworker Community. Just like with 'God' and the term 'God Bless You'--the person is blessing you with THEIR God--which might not be the same as yours.

This being said, some people refer to the light of ILLUMINATION and these 'people' tend to gravitate towards clubs like Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

For the record, I generally avoid the term 'light' because of this dual meaning, and I refer to 'my' light as Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.--this term replaces the ambiguous term 'light'. 

I have heard and it doesn't surprise me that people on social media are saying 'don't go to the Light it's evil'. Of course! The brainwashed and brainwashers have partial awakening--and the confusion is being amped up on purpose--to scare the 'steeple'.

If you set in your heart the intention that the 'light' for YOU means only Nurturing Warmth Love and Compassion you are going to be safe. This one you can go to.

In fact, it's inescapable!

For both sides. <3 Those who do not have our best interest at heart...and US.

Everything around us is Illusion. And at some point, it will be time to wash up for dinner and everyone will be asked to go Home to the Higher Realms. 

Even here on Gaia, which is new, higher magnetic resonance frequency, and totally submerged in higher vibrations of the invisible Light--of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--for us all.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Couple

Saturday, August 5, 2017

On Eee Vah

The title of this is the phonetic pronunciation of one of my favorite, favorite, favorite phrases in the French language--on y va--which means in English, 'here we go!'

On y va!

On y va!

On y va!

I am absolutely delighted with the energies at the moment, and in my heart, I feel like I, too, am going like this:

I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful in these energies.

There are lots of downloads coming right now, I can feel it. It's like an electric tingling up and down my whole body, like the electrifying excitement you feel before a big race, or a big game, or a big performance.

I haven't felt like this in ages.

And the energies are building! OH! I can feel them with excitement as the full moon builds, and the lunar eclipse is whenever--I think--sometime around this time.

Why, why, why am I so excited?

I am doing the impossible.

Right when I got to the point where I was like Ross? With my work? Guides and teams? I'm not sure if I can take much of this any more.

Guess what? The hospital won't take a certain kind of insurance, and there's no work!

Three days with no work for me, and I work basically full time.

This is the break I've been waiting for --for years! And I always knew in my heart if I had the time I could clean the place up and get organized...

I have Virgo as my Ascendant.

I thrive on structure, organization, and have a VERY CLEAR picture in my head for how something will look before I create it.

It's been a real energy sucker to my soul, to have papers piling up everywhere. I did eight hours of email erasing yesterday. So many stupid ads and things I don't want. I got perhaps ten good things in three months.

Today I went through three bins of shredding.

It's like the breakup in Spring when the frozen river ice melts and the river starts to flow.

Even more important, I finally started to make sense of my retirement plans/accounts. When I had to change things for my work, it was like a bomb hit in my 'systems' of 'keeping track of things'.  I consolidated a bunch of smaller retirement accounts into one with the advice of my tax man. But it was like a cloud over my head I was so freaking confused!

Well, today it all makes sense.

I can't begin to tell you how much fear and dread and paperwork from deadlines I barely met got shredded up in the shredder today.

I'm thrilled.

There are also some hardships I am holding up quite well. Illness in a loved one, and I'm stuck on call and can't go.

It means lots of guilt and resentment piled up on me by the others taking care of the loved one.

Yet at the same time, the hospital is sixty miles away, and has the worst traffic.

What can I do? Right?

So there's this BALANCE in my mind and heart and soul, and a trust...

We were watching a baseball game--the only thing I watch and not often--and a freaking MOUSE walked right down the hall and into the closet.

About twenty minutes later, it walked back!

It wasn't pretty. We have been through a lot with rodents living where we do.

But I caught it.  I caught it on the glue trap.

You know those things don't die right away on them? It wasn't pretty. I was squeamish, and didn't want to smash it's little head or break its neck. I gave the Reiki Transition Symbol and hoped for the best while I waited until morning. Sadly, it was still alive when I went to check. I didn't know what to do. For this, I'm squeamish.

I got an idea. I put the glue trap upside down in the toilet and left for my errands. When I came back it was deceased and I was able to dispose of it.

There you have it--work, home, extended family--even tonight Jared's parents who call me 'daughter' aren't inviting me to the family dinner. It's a long story and had more to do with Jared's brother. Actually I saw Jared's new house and when his brother arrived after a bright hello I knew to quickly say my goodbyes.

I also went to the post office. I got a special bracelet made by Ross with a friend's help. It's azurite quartz, K2.

The energy is wonderful and there's a special message for me which could only be from Ross. And earrings too.

My friend had to send away for the beads.

Little did she know in Boston, I bought an azurite/malachite bracelet, and I've also been wearing a similar blue/green stone called chrysocolla.

Ross told her--and she heard correctly--so she could believe in her gifts.

This image is golden for so many things--we are reaching a time of fruition, and all the ducks are falling into place.

It's not without its lessons too.

I made a terrible mistake.

We have parking spots that go with our houses. They are assigned. I told my neighbor we could share, since his daughter works late at night and has to come home and shouldn't park on the street.

This family doesn't use their two car garage, I'm not sure why, and takes up the visitor spot every single day. So they use two parking spots every day already.

They also have been using my spot without asking.

Since I said yes, they have never left, and now I am the one who has to ask them for permission to use my own space! It's been one week, and I'm terribly unhappy.

This is where the cutting edge of my spiritual practice gets a workout--this SITUATION is really messing with my anxiety--and I'm having to put the whole concept of energy--we are one--Love Your Neighbor As Yourself--into the fire and see what slag and crap I can burn out of it until I am left with pure gold. 

Why am I all hung up over my parking space?

It's my territory, right? And also a little convenience for me, and a necessity when I have workers of guests.

I'm getting a little workout in my boundary issues (many survivors of abuse, particularly the kind I have--have an ALL or NONE approach to enforcing them. It's very difficult to confront and not blow up. )

It's just what the doctor ordered, right Ross?  (I ask this pointedly, and he chuckles because I'm learning what he's up to more and more, every day lol)

What I did do, is give my phone number to the girl who works at the restaurant, and I asked her to text me for permission every time she needs to use the spot.  I'll mention this to her dad, too. That here it's customary to do favors once in a while, always respecting the neighbor, and asking for permission first.

Check with me...

With your permission, I'm going to take you through some of my latest research, too. Some of it is good, or bad, depending how you look at it.

The Magenta Pixie, is totally uplifting and validating for the work for myself and all of my teams.

The others, a pair of videos from End Times News Report, are phenomenal pieces of journalism on a subject most of us would rather ignore than delve into, but for Gaia and her people to heal, the child pornography has simply got to leave the planet. The channel shows us with one hundred percent proof it's on YouTube...and how our own kids are at risk to watch it while we are doing the dishes and thinking it's safe what they watch. And how predators in the comments section try to lure innocent children in.

Then there's lots of other fun things in between, a cornucopia of knowledge! And nothing makes me more delighted than encountering a soul who really wants to learn...

I think that's enough of a workout for you, so I will reset the list of stuff I've been saving for you, and start fresh in the morning.

Our blessings to you, and our love...

One more thing, I forgot to mention...Ross says he will discuss minute ...


I love this flying thing!

I absolutely, positively LOVE IT! (and no, that is not me in the picture. I am considerably taller than this gentleman in the photo)

That's what I wanted to talk to you about today--LOVE.  (he taps his chest--ed)

The kind of love that babies have, that absolute, positive, delight in the most common and mundane things in life.

For example, who could play with a box for hours and hours with the imagination, happy as can be?

Who could be delighted and coo with a game of peek-a-boo that goes on without end?

The child.

The child in us, in me and you, and in all of us.

That child is not dead.

Even though Carla went through so much, slogging away at all the paperwork in her free time, Carla is sparing herself the struggle in the future, and the agony of looking at the disarray--for her decidedly VIRGO inner child...

I want to talk to you about what this love feels like.

I want you to recognize it.

Carla made a little joke with me when she went to describe it.

Start with a warm feeling in your chest. Like the inner sun.


Allow this love to penetrate your every cell, your every emotion, your every thought you ever had in all of your lifetimes while you have been incarnate...and relish it.

Not like pickles chopped up with vinegar in a jar.

RELISH as in 'enjoy every last savor every drop'...

It is Golden.

Are you ready for Carla's little joke?

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla said to me, 'Ross? You know every drug you've ever had for pain in your whole life? Tylenol with codeine, Vicodin, and the one that starts with the letter D--lol --Dilaudid'

I was like, 'well, yes, Carla, yes?'

"Ross? THIS STUFF IS BETTER THAN ANY DRUG ANYONE HAS EVER TAKEN IN THEIR WHOLE LIFE, EVER!!! It takes all of the pain away, in the body, in the heart...It's A GOOD THING ROSS!!!'

And I laughed.

I laughed and I laughed with love, and Carla laughed too.

Because...after all this talking till I'm blue in the face, FINALLY, Carla 'gets it'!

(he rubs his hands with delight, and smiles, and waves goodbye--he's teasing you because he knows you want him to clap good bye like he always does. He waits with a beautiful lonnnnng pause..-ed)

clap! clap!

I wish all of you a good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, August 4, 2017

Lorion Tucker

Today I invite you to take a walk with me.

I'm going to tell you something important, and I enjoy your company.

That's why I want to talk to you.

First of all, I want to disclose about a regret I've always had in my heart. It's for my ex-friend, Lorion Tucker.

Lorion is a beautiful woman in her sixties whom I met at work when I was a resident.

She had a funny energy about her, it's hard to explain, a sort of nervous and like a puppy who had been treated mean and without kindness, or at least couldn't guess what mood was coming from its owner next.

At first as an anesthesia tech she made many mistakes. But she learned and got to be one of the best in the department. I could count on her when the patient was going bad, to be a genuine asset on the team.

Her father died, and she wanted to buy the house she grew up in. She used to have a home in the area, an apartment.  But she bought the home out of the area, and moved away, and got a new job.

Well, the new job was terrible. They wanted people who didn't have medical training to do medical things, and she wouldn't. She knew the patients would have a bad outcome.

She wanted her old job back.

I helped her find a new one as a receptionist and scheduler for the O.R.

It was nights.

Although it was only part time, she needed a place to stay during the days, so she asked me if she could sleep at my house.

We weren't really that close.

But Anthony's preschool was near my work, and Lorion would be going off shift, would she mind taking him to school? I asked for this once he was two. Until then--all I asked for was fifty dollars a month for eight days a week to sleep at my house.

It was a trade.

It went on for about five years. (the last year, Anthony was in a different school because I had changed jobs, and it was painful not to be at my old place).

We were tiptoeing around the house, me telling Anthony the high energy toddler to be quiet so Lori could sleep.

I just couldn't take it any more.

I told her find someplace else, and changed the locks.

I ignored her every phone call until she went away.

She moved away to Tennessee, and tried to contact me.

I didn't respond.

The horrors of having someone in my house that wouldn't go away far surpassed all the good intentions I had to be a good Christian in this situation.

My mother coached me through the whole thing; she said Lori was taking advantage of me, and I needed to be firm.

So I was.

I enjoyed the friendship.

I didn't mourn it when it was gone, but I felt guilt.

I felt guilty because poor Lori had five miscarriages, and had given up on ever being a mom.  Her husband Virgil was very kind. I liked him.

We were her 'family' to her. She always remembered us with gifts and cards. She was thoughtful.

We used to talk before she'd get ready for bed.

She had recovered from alcoholism.

For many years she was drunk and slept around. She said sometimes she would meet a man in her daily activities and he would have this look. She wouldn't remember who he was, be she could tell by the look she had slept with him.

It was sad.

She went back to her church--the kind where every member is expected to tithe--and made a full recovery and found her husband. He asked her to marry him three times, she said no each time, but on the last changed her mind and married him.

Virgil was good to her.

Her father wasn't.

Orion was her namesake, her father, who was the son of an astronomy professor.  Hence the name, Orion.  He created Lori's name, Lorion (LOR-ee-ON).

Her father was a very high-ranking member of the same church -- the one where every member is expected to tithe.

Her father molested her almost every day.

And he acted like nothing happened.

He still held his high position in the church.

She never saw justice to him in her life, although at the end, he took good care of her mother as she was dying, then his second wife took good care of him--so Lori didn't have to--when it was his own 'end of life'.

Lori didn't even get the inheritance she deserved due to her father's spending.

She had a brother, Craig. His birthday wasn't long ago, oddly enough, I'm his Facebook friend still.

I wonder what the dad did to him?

Lorion's birthday is at the beginning of September.

She loves this time of year when the orb weaver spiders come out and make the beautiful webs.

I'll always be sad about my inability to create healthy boundaries, and to read the situation for what it was.

She was trying to convert me to her religion, slowly. She invited me to special luncheon fundraisers. She thought I would get a nice husband if I joined her church...

I didn't have a clue the whole time.

I just felt like I was giving and giving and poor Anthony never had the joy of freedom in his childhood.

This is the part where you might wish to excuse yourself for a bit.

I've known other people who went through worse than Lori.

For some reason, they confided in me, and I believed them.

One was a nurse, an excellent nurse, who had an owlish look in her eyes and was very heavy set and tall. I had known her for two years, working side by side with her when my patients were on the telemetry unit.

She told me that her parents had been in a cult, and she had been used as a breeder. She had DID (dissocative identity disorder--like the old term, multiple personality disorder) and had healed. She wanted to be a counselor to help others, and was getting her doctor in divinity degree too.

I thanked her for her trust in me, and I told her she would be very good at her dream, and help many people, and that I would pray for her.

She did it.

I've seen her website. No mention of her 'specialty' aside from her being a counselor.

Her heart spoke to mine--while she was telling me her very sad, tragic experience--and I responded with my own heart in return. I knew she was testing me, and her survival and success depended on it.

Did I want to know? Not really. Was it hard to work with her afterwards now I knew her truth? Yes. But I tried my best not to let it affect our professional relationship. I counted with her excitement the time to pass until she graduated, which was close.

I have spent the past three days doing research, in particular, reading the works written by a former 'trainer'--Svali. I think it's a pseudonym for 'Svengali'.  She was born to a high-ranking mother in the cult, who was 'very ambitious'.

No one has heard from Svali since 2008.

It is because of her heart that I write, out of respect for her courage and bravery, to listen to her heart and write about things she had been under threat of death if she ever would tell. She knew she would die a 'traitor's death'...but she wrote.

I have come to the conclusion that trauma-based programming breaks the mind, and shatters it into thousands of alters and many core-splits--but the HEART is always present, and the HEART cannot be broken.

If you are a survivor of intergenerational ritual abuse--please listen, as I open my heart to yours, and speak.

You are LOVED.

You are LOVABLE.

You are valued by Creator of All That Is

You can heal--if you want to

All is forgiven.

There is no shame.

Gaia is calling -- it's time to come home. 

For all of you beautiful boys and girls out there who have suffered horrors beyond description, beyond the imagination, just like Svali--from this day forward, a butterfly is just that and nothing more.

You are SAFE.

No one will hurt you.

All of your brothers and sisters are very glad you have made the choice to heal and come home.

Earth has her own magic too.

And you will discover it, along with everyone else who is incarnate upon her at this time.

It is faerie magic--it sparkles and delights the soul!--and will always put a smile in your heart.

It's not broken.

No matter what was put through in your past--no matter how your mind adapted to help you survive--you are still a beautiful child of Creator--both Divine Mother and Divine Father--who love you too with all of THEIR hearts.

We are made in Divine Perfection.

We are children of the Divine Creator of All That Is.

Our souls have been placed into bodies which, although they don't last forever, are both beautiful and perfect in design.

I should know, I am a healer, and I have trained long and hard to be able to work with them. 

From here on out, I will confer upon you the role as 'teacher'--for your lives have given us valuable lessons--especially those who have had lives more like Lorion's or Nancy, the RN...with suffering and sorrow and pain as 'the norm'.

There are beings 'out there' who aren't like us. Not in the mind, not in the heart.

They take planets and destroy both them and their people, then move on to the next one.

Planets are not disposable commodities! They are living, breathing, conscious beings!

Anyhow for the sake of discussion, these 'beings' came to Gaia, and for some reason, they decided to 'improve' upon Divine Creator's creation!

This alone in itself is ludicrous!


However, these 'beings' began a cult way back back back in Biblical times--to Baal--or older I suppose, and went WAY underground.

It is a blood cult. With blood and trauma being the 'spiritual' part, using humans as commodities, and imprinting on the minds of the young their agenda. 

It turns out the major work must be done before the child is eight--after that the brain won't learn to dissociate.

There are many 'tests' to pass.

The themes are 'trust no one' and betrayal is 'normal' and 'healthy' and 'encouraged' in this cult. 

The babies are given the penis just as often as the breast and can't tell the difference between semen and mother's milk. 

Two year olds are taught to kill kittens.

How is this done?

You put them in a cage and shock them with electricity.

You give them a kitten and tell them to wring it's neck.

The child cries and says no.

Then you shock them so much more they can't even cry, they are so dazed.

And then you tell them to wring the kitten's neck, and they do.  Then they leave the cage and throw up they are so traumatized by what they did.

They work their way up to bigger animals.

They are taught military moves and gun use as they grow, becoming expert marksmen and militants by their teen years.

The shocks are given with medical equipment, with needles inserted into nerves and jammed under fingernails. 

Children are taken near death, and resuscitated with standard medical equipment. Some don't make it. Some die. Some are vegetables. Some just won't stop screaming. And they have to be 'put down' with a huge bolus of air in the i.v., or 'lots of insulin' according to Svali, the trainer, who deeply repents her work.

Like the others, Svali was encouraged to do these things, and also did them to avoid further punishment and beatings--for 'failure' isn't an option in this cult. 

When Svali left the 'family' (how the cult calls itself) she got phone calls and letters and contact from everyone she had ever known--all trying to trigger her mind programming to get her to come back.

There is even suicide programming in there--'I would rather die than leave the family'.

She healed from all that.  No specialist in 'deprogramming' could help her because she was so very high level--a trainer herself--and it was out of their experience as most were lower level survivors. So Svali did it all herself.

She also says that every 'subject' at some point tries to kill their trainer. That's why the 'halt' codes are programmed in, so the trainer can stop the attack. 

She says that children cry out to God for mercy during the tests. 

Many have seen angels.

This alone shows that no matter how deep the darkness--souls even in mortal pain--cry out to Creator!

The ILLUSION is false, and Creator and Heaven are REAL.

A child with such parents will be shown an orange.

The parents will ask, what is this?

The two year old says, 'an orange' with pride and wanting to please.

The parents beat it severely.

They hold up the fruit again. What is it?

An orange only results in more beatings.

The beatings stop when the child says, 'an apple'.

This is how cruel and against Divine Law of Free Will the cult is--to teach the child not to think for themselves and trust their own senses--but to ASK for the adults to tell them 'black is white' and teach them this is so.

(The other strange thing Svali noted, is that pediatric alters take pediatric doses of drugs, and an adult dose on board from a prior alter will overdose the pediatric one--and she would need to give the antidote in a hurry to correct it).

The builders are all fired from their posts.

The worst ones have chosen to merge with Divine Mother and the Galactic Central Sun, instead of going through the rigorous healing process.

These are the souls who aren't quiet 'human' who have been here, as well as the 'human' ones who are deeply invested into the cult.

For those of you in the middle--caught up in the ladder of 'success' the cult gives like a wheel in a hamster's cage--you may step off.

Gaia invites you to come home and heal.

All of the old behaviors must stop--no more hurting of the innocent.

From this day out everyone has their Free Will, and no one can infringe upon it.

Just for today, love Reigns supreme.

And since time is an Illusion--we have entered the era where 'angels are normal' and 'love reigns supreme'.

So, you may ask, 'how did you figure all this stuff out?'

I was one. In an immediate past life. I remember the praise and the gifts.

I was one enough to wonder why Selena would sing 'I'm 24 Karat' and Rihanna would sing 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond'--it seemed like that meant something more, and it does. There's programming  with those themes.

And also I trust my soul to guide me.

Here's some things to share:

What is my takeaway on this?


Creator of all that is is REAL.

Creator forgives EVERYTHING.

Souls can experience the worst of the worst, and still cry out to Creator.

It was a horrible time--when those 'builders' were in charge.

The 8/8 gate and the full moon are blowing this thing wide open.

The dark ones with their 8/whatever 'group meditation' are totally lying and trying to get us not to notice it's already upon us.

People are good, and no matter what the mid-level people pull on the rest of the ninety-nine percent --from their fear--the ninety-nine percent although asleep, have healthy consciences, and will step up to the plate when everything comes down. 

What Ross said about the Stockholm effect being real, is wise...and I sure love him!!!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple
The Twins

P.S. I invite you to turn off the music and the television. With the TV you go into an alpha state and are highly suggestible to their programming. Your