Monday, December 11, 2017

What To Expect

We are heading towards an unknown.

I would like to take a moment to take a closer look at it, and explain my views on how 'it is going to go down' when there is a quantum leap in Consciousness and everyone 'Awakens'.

This is what I mean when I describe 'Gaia and her people' as Ascending.

First things first--a difference in one dimension in Consciousness is uncomfortable for both parties. For example, a Light Worker in a Dive Bar is going to feel uncomfortable because the natural 'vibration' for both is different.

I'm not going to classify 2.6 dimension versus 383 dimension like that.

Think of it as two people on a hill, one has the advantage and is a little further 'up' the hill, and the other is a little 'below', energetically, when one thinks of Ascension.

Second, the experience of Ascension is different for everyone, no two people are the same! That being said, it is 'for the better' as it is an evolution of natural soul growth and progression. So, it is a hurdle everyone needs to jump! The TIME for this jumping is variable, and determined by a soul and their teams of guides. It could take many more incarnations to do this.

Fortunately most of us 'decided' to accomplish this 'now', conveniently with the planet and her own Ascension.

I can only tell you of my own experience 'waking up'.

It was between 2011 and 2012.

I was already a Reiki Master. And blogging.

In my heart I was going to bring the 'healing' back in to the 'healers' of Traditional/Conventional Medicine.

I knew there was something wrong. I felt in my heart to go and help it.

The first 'awake' person I met was in my Reiki Classes. Her name is Hope Johnson. Many of you know her as the owner of Miracle Botanicals and an online 'personality'. She lives in Hawaii.

Before she moved, there was a while where she would state things 'as they are' and I had a problem with it.

It was the ego but I didn't know it. She challenged my world. She had her own viewpoint, and was happy, and very much 'higher on the hill'--we could tell.

I wanted to just accept it, but a part of me just wanted to argue her and prove her wrong. I would think of it a lot. In my free time. How can this be? How can she be right? I'll show her!

The first time I ever, ever experienced this shock and unsettling feeling was long before meeting Hope, in Pamela Starnes, a lady anesthesia resident who rotated through the VA ICU with us. She was a UCLA resident.

Pam was a runner. A vegan. And she said the 'sugar is the devil'.

How could she SAY such a thing? How could something so innocuous and prevalent be harmful? They (the government) wouldn't let us eat it if it was bad for us! Surely they would warn us? Right?

Pam was right. Years ahead of her time. On EVERYTHING.

Being told a truth, even when you know it deep down in your soul, that it's right, is difficult because then it means that everything you've based your life experience upon has been a foundation of LIES and deceit.

I really want you to look at that cartoon and think about it, how it affects you.

Please know it's human nature to avoid pain--physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual pain.

Now we are really going to talk. It's about Karrie Ochoa.

Karrie is the one who told me that Medicine is Evil.

She was blithe about it, like, 'everyone knows that medicine is designed to make a profit and to keep people unhealthy'. Big pharma is the devil.

Oh my GOD! It was like a missile straight to the heart!

What about my motivation to go into medicine? To make it my life's work? I was CALLED into it, I knew, all my life?

What about the tests, the classes, the applications, the training, the sleepless nights, the skills learned?

After all, we take away Labor Pain?

Doesn't it matter that our reasons for going into medicine are good? Doesn't it count for something?

Not to Karrie.

No, to her, Medicine was going to hell in a hand bucket. And she was very dismissive of me.

(please note, the dry blue sponges in the photo and lack of Betadine surgical prep on the back, and the poor draping. It's bogus the photo.Event the syringe-Tuohy needle isn't 'right'. It should have a stylet in the needle until it's engaged into the interspinous ligament.)

Karrie shook my world, and not in a good way.

It took a lot of time, and also my unfriending her, to understand YES God wanted me in the Operating Room, YES God made me 'awake/psychic/different', YES there was a good reason for it, and YES, I truly am uniting the healers, especially in my workplace.

And that was with three very simple truths--sugar is the devil, Hope doesn't get upset over anything, and Karrie was right on so many levels about healthcare.

It was painful and I would never want to experience it again.

The last thing that woke me up and kept me awake was reading Kauilapele's blog post, about Cobra's Little Red Pill.

KP said he read it all and couldn't put it down.

I read it too.  In July 2012 I was ninety percent 'awake'...

Reading the article actually made it easier for me to accept the other bitter truths.

That's where we are today.

What is it in life that you enjoy? Is it family-friendly DizznKnee--entertainment, cruises, vacations?

Is it professional sports?

Is it the excitement of the Entertainment Industry, the Elite actors and musicians and all the glamour? And the comfort of Netflix, or the movies, with those you enjoy?

How about food? There's nothing like a sausage or burger with real MEAT in it right? So convenient to go to a local fast food and eat 'American style'?

Or how about Religion, and the Church? Isn't the Catholic Church what Jesus handed to Peter? The Rock? Or 'Fill In The Blank' --YOUR religion--is how you get through your life, and it's from your parents, and it's your foundation for everything you are and have ever been? And you raise your children to be in it because it's important?

What about mind-altering substances? Aren't they the shit? And some of them are HEALTHY and going to cure every ailment there is? Right? it's your whole personality, this stuff that is 'outside yourself' and rocks your world.

What about your secrets? The gambling? The porn? The hooking up like with a sex addiction? Or seeing someone 'on the side'? What else is there to do, to pass the time? Right? Life is like, boring. Who cares if you want to have a little fun?

How about winning? In business or elsewhere in your life? Isn't it a good thing to have ambition and to look out for your family?

What about your body? Your gym, your fashion, your being attractive? And being in style?

What about your country? Let's make it great again? Freedom isn't free! Let's fight to defend our ways!

How about the stock market? Politics? Your voice can make a difference, right?

Even for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they sure have everything figured out, and are keeping it to themselves--hmmmm?

Pretty much everything 'out there' for us to 'pass the time' and 'enjoy' traces back to those who control the money, those who think of us as cattle herds, and is a LIE...a lie that the Elite Aristocracy of the Darkness created to keep us in control and to take our money.

All of it.

I can only speak for myself, with Medicine and the sugar thing and being made to feel like I was 'wrong' and there was some 'Big Secret' these people higher up the hill were in on and I was stupid not to be in on the Secret which to them was as plain as the nose on your face!

It hurt.

It made me doubt my reasons for going into Medicine--those feelings I had deep in my heart that had been my compass to get into and through medical school, residency and training.

I felt angry.

I felt embarrassed and cheated by those who set the whole system up.

I don't even know how I made it through those dark times when I was first awakening.

Helping people was one good way to cope. Sharing. And blogging. Healings I sent out too.

This was long, long, long before I knew Ross, and our relationship. Ross was end of 2013.

I cried. I healed. And I slowly got my equilibrium again.

Am I close to Pam, Hope, or Karrie?

No. Pam has her family and moves far away, but I went to her baby shower, and we are friends.

Hope and I grew close, and then there was distance and cooling in the friendship. We are still friends and I'm grateful for her example.

Karrie? No. The way she said the truth to me, with no caring whatsoever, felt like being hit by a truck, run over, then backed up and run over again. I just don't want to remember being treated like that, and so I don't want to go anywhere near her vibration. Even her photo now--I looked it up--still makes me cringe and recall the pain.

And I have the luxury of being able to talk to my guides! To know I am unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe. To have training in the psychic skills, and  certificate too.

I am no stranger to 'woo'--the Unseen.

Many people out 'there', in the Collective Consciousness, ARE afraid of the Unseen. That's because the Dark Ones have a narrative that says 'ghosts are scary' and 'UFO's are scary and going to eat us and take over our government'.

I hope this sets the stage for what is about to transpire.

What can you do about it in your role as Ground Crew?

  1. Self-care
  2. Connect to Source. Ross was pouring down the high frequency liquid 'vibes' into a funnel down my throat like feeding a goose for foie gras--AT MY REQUEST! I needed that much--glug glug glug--both on the way to work and the way home. Too much changes down here. I need Home. Large quantities of concentrated HOME frequency energy.
  3. REMEMBER the pain of waking up, and be courteous and kind to those who are in the painful process of coming to terms with the deception.
  4. Always hold the space--but don't get sucked down--for the newly awakened.
  5. Answer questions when asked if you can. 
  6. Cut the cords--keep what is 'you' and do not allow 'their stuff' to GLOM onto you. (Glom means 'stick in large quantities' in California slang).
  7. Tell yourself often, this too shall pass! Give yourself positive reinforcement, and also, learn from your mistakes but don't dwell on them.

clap! clap! (that's Ross it's time for bed for me)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Working With The Unseen

Energy is real.

I just watched a video on 'grounding'--let me see if I can find it for you.  This one is close, the one on DWR is better. (sometimes a FB video can't be moved anywhere except to 'share').

Shields are something you can put up to help you protect your energy. They last for  half a day to a day, for the most part. (ones people like Isabel Henn make, or I make, can last longer). I had a list of what colors mean what. You can put up to three of these on a day, like layers of clothes. The white Light is highly protective, the green lets the vibration of unconditional love and healing in, and I think the pink is love. There's also blue, red--I forget what they do. Golden is angelic. And Lead absorbs all that could harm you--it makes it also hard to receive messages from spirit, I don't like it. And mirror is a way to keep things 'out' too.

For me, typically, white light is enough.

But then, as I have experienced lately, sometimes interactions with others--especially when they are in fear which is part of the awakening process apparently--they attach etheric cords to you.

It is very draining.

Energy workers can ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords. I would do this every day. He won't cut important ones like to friends and family. But the draining cords especially to negative imprints (bad interactions) he can cut for you.

There is a Reiki Master symbol, 'Raku' which accomplishes this.

Also in any attunement ceremony when the attunement is complete we also sever the cords.

This keeps our energy to 'us'.

So besides 'grounding' and 'earthing', considers daily use of 'shields' and 'cutting cords' . I think you will find it helpful.

If you are a swimmer, and especially a lifeguard, you will know a drowning person will push anyone down who comes out to save them in order to lift themselves up. It's just what happens.

I would like to go so far as to say that the training and practice and life-saving skills of a lifeguard are a good thing to keep in mind when working with people who are awakening. Anything can happen and they will 'throw' you off balance.

Even someone who has worked with patients and cranky surgeons and some not-so-nice nurses (fortunately they are few)...for years.

Get into the habit of getting yourself back in balance quicker.

You will be glad in the coming times that you have this skill.

Here is an example of what energy mismatch can do.

I've had two bracelets literally explode off the arm recently. One arm was from Liberia, the other arm from Cameroon.

The woman from Liberia really pulled the elastic to put it on, and the elastic failed. We picked up the pieces, I got a new one, and showed how we gently roll it on.

This one was a failure of technique, materials, and possibly size, as the hand is much bigger than the wrist.

The other from Cameroon was that the wire was fine--to accommodate the spacer beads, and the clasp was huge! The crimp bead held, you can see it, but the wire broke.

Wires are different. I have some with only a few strands in them, and thin, others are more 'robust'.

Either way, this was not meant to be. So my friend from Cameroon picked up the pieces and is sending them to me. This was one hundred dollars worth of blue opal, apatite, and sterling silver materials! She doesn't even know what they are worth! It's a little my fault and a little hers, for the measurement. To put a toggle on there must be some overlap.

I don't mind going back to the drawing board.

Sometimes is it part of the lesson for the recipient, sometimes it is part of the lesson for me.

Please by all means communicate to me if this happens.

What I do know is that a poor energy match won't go on. It just won't.

And it's no trouble at all to find a new match. It's just a little postage and time.

When you have a bracelet you get used to, and it's time to 'upgrade', sometimes it will break too.

If Linda's she made for me hadn't broke, I'd never have made the 'jump' to where I am today.

This thing happens.

Ross picked this one. He's partial to wood. That's his hobby, woodwork.

Yesterday I sent out a dozen bracelets. Anthony helped me.

I want to do so much! But I am slow.

This frustrates me. I've snapped at home, and normally I'm even tempered. Yesterday it was because we had to go to a stupid place to watch Anthony's football game, it was only the last two quarters, I was bored out of my mind, and the day was gone by the time his team lost. He was grumpy, I was grumpy.

It was sort of a bar-sandwich shop.

It was the vibes of the place.

Yesterday a friend asked me, 'do you have enough time for you, to relax, and to enjoy?'

I was like, 'um....nooooo....'

My friend was right.

I've worked three weekends in a row. This weekend not only did I have to go to a work-related funeral (show my face, important, patient asked me to do anesthesia exclusively for five procedures)...but I was disappointed because Anthony got sick on Friday. I had to pick him up from school early. And I caught it. So I couldn't make plans to see my mom.

I did, by some miracle, get an appointment with my hairstylist. This took all Sunday morning.

Balance is hard.

Balance with time.

Balance with money.

Balance with energy.

If it wasn't hard, we wouldn't be here learning how to balance everything.

Remember your shields.

Remember to really spend time soaking in sunlight, earth energy, and energy from Source out in Nature.

It's important for what's coming next--when all the people on earth awaken. I'm pretty sure it's not 'all at once' as in 'one and done'--I suspect it will take several weeks/months to settle down.

We are in it now, with the disclosures/'s in the early phase I think. Not quite the big part.

Everything will work out for the best. Just watch for your energy, and expect a little 'wear and tear'--make sure you stop it before it's 'too much'.

Ross is wanting me to be on time for work.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Upgrade

We Ascend.

As a planet with all the living beings upon it.

It is an incredible 'upgrade', the Universe has seen nothing like it.

All eyes are upon us, here, who are going through it at this time.

Many of you are 'experts' at this process--you have no concept of your experience and how you won against fierce competition to be incarnate at this time--in a helping position.

Everything has basically started. I've noticed a few things, and I am going to share them with you.

Whatever is going on is fooling Nature.

There is one tree on the main thoroughfare of our neighborhood that thinks it is Spring. It's in full bloom, with blossoms of white.

The same thing happened last year on a different street, one perhaps one month early.

This tree is TWO months early.

Is it the only one?

A fig tree at my house is bearing fruit.  It's December. This isn't supposed to happen until July.

The peppers in the back are growing too, they are summer fruit.

Well is it something in my town?

Not at all.

At work, one of these is blooming too. It blooms in April.

I kid you not when I say that things are 'up'.

Well what else have I noticed?

I recently had a repeat of a certain argument that used to happen a lot when Ross was alive with me the last time.

It went something like this:

Woman from village Ross and I lived in at the time:  Your husband gave my husband some business advice.

Me: Yes?

W:  He's spent all this money following your husband's advice and it's not paying out. How can I pay our bills?

Me:  My husband gave the advice. Your husband made the choice to take it. 

W:  Isn't there a little something you could do to help us out? Can you tell your friends?

Me:  My friends don't go for that sort of thing, honey... I don't know. He does things like this all the time with us too, and our bills barely get paid. I never know where the next meal is coming from, you know?

W:  I'm glad you understand. Thanks and I appreciate all you do.

Me: I'm glad to help. If my husband is right we will all be very rich. If he isn't well, we will take it from there and figure things out.

I recall Ross had a terrible time with money. Really, really bad. He didn't care about our future. He didn't care about anything but helping those he served. He got all these men to go along with him on his path.

I went with him once to India. It was incredible how without money, we were able to live comfortably. Somehow he was able to trade--goods and healing services. He was never attached to any item, and if someone wanted it, 'bam' there it was he gave it on the spot. He could work and work for a whole day, only not for money. 

He had this incredible charisma. And when he was alive, somehow, things always worked out.

It wasn't until he was passed that I knew what true hardship was...

Let's have a little chat.

We are here on Earth, in physical bodies, everyone more or less reading this is 'awake'.

We are by far the vast minority. We are surrounded by those who are under the spell of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. They are deeply asleep. Brainwashed is not a very nice way to say it, but let us say they are 'conditioned' to behave in ways that benefit Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

The core of the issue is money.  To give to Caesar what belongs to him. 

Everyone here needs it to live. I haven't figured out a way to live without it. Some go off the grid, that's close. 

Awake people don't have the same 'ambition' as those who are deeply invested into the system.

Furthermore, people who haven't sold their souls and actually 'joined' the ranks of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will not prosper. 

They can't.

Only the ones who are the puppets where the unseen hand holds the strings become enormously rich.

What if...let's play a game of 'what if', shall we?

What if...the government/Illuminati took all our bank accounts--both retirement and savings--like they did when Greece or someplace was going bankrupt. 

What would happen to us? How would we live? After the first non-payment of the credit cards that would dry up, right?

How about another 'what if'?

What if the government collapses, and the currency we currently have is worthless? What if the incoming government gives us let's say, ten cents on every dollar we have, to convert to the new currency. Then what? Right?

Or how about this 'what if'?

What if something important, like transportation, or food, or even waste management/sewer, were to go out of business everywhere overnight with no alternative?

We would be stuck, hungry, and up to our noses in stench, wouldn't we?

Security is an Illusion, we are fortunate to wake up every day, and go about our lives with some semblance of 'normalcy' even though everything could change in a second, at any given time.

This is reality.

Our world isn't predictable.

Our thoughts manifest--if we think we are going to end up as street people--our worst fear--this will come to pass!

If I think of a rat, I catch one under the sink!

If I think of the trap, and thank it for protecting me--every day--it protects and the trap is empty.

The vibrations on Earth are so high at this time manifestation is very quick.

So watch what you think.

Remember the surgeon who is a negative thinker?  He didn't pay his taxes. Now his home is being foreclosed. And for other reasons, his twelve year old son is wanting to suicide.  This person is manifesting his worst nightmare!!! Even if it's a Life Lesson, keep your thoughts in times of crisis on the UP and UP!!!

So what about 'our neighbors'? Those in our lives who are soaking up the vibration of Conscious Awareness we are maintaining for ourselves?

They are starting to wake up.

Is it going to be pretty?

Not on your life.


Because we've had a slow wakeup, steady, over years, to help us see the lies and deception which surround us. It's old hat to us.

It's not to them.

Their entire sense of well-being is linked to the dollar, to security (doing what the Illuminati says to do --save, invest for a good retirement), to our government being able to 'look out for us' and 'do what is best'...and it's going to be shaken up.

Here is an example of how repetition by the Dark Hats is used to lull us into a sense of complacency that 'nothing unusual is happening'--but when it's all side by side, you see it's really unusual and doesn't make sense. (Warning--Call for an Uprising voice--you might not like him--the content itself isn't disturbing, it's family friendly)

Much as we would like to wake people up, we can't. And beside, as the 'conditioning' breaks apart at the seams, some 'newly awakened' might lash out, be mean and nasty, because everything they built their sense of 'security' around is being 'taken away' from them.

So--keep your vibration UP. 

Hold the space for them to awaken.

And answer questions when you are asked.

Don't explain anything without being asked to explain it first.


Oh what a day! Man! (he shakes his head from side to side with a smile--ed)

Carla woke up late and got her hair done!

It looks beautiful Carla. Do you enjoy it?

(yes Ross, thank you for noticing <3)

There isn't anything I have to say except to enjoy This Moment Now.

There are going to be a lot of them.

What about me and my non-money ways? (he's teasing a little I think?--ed)

Tell them what you have done.

C:  We started the giveaway for the negativity neutralizing bracelets with four. People had an overwhelming response. We wanted to help everyone.

R:  And HOW many helped?

C:  A LOT.  Actually I have sent out thirty Ross. 

R:  Thirty?

C:  Yes, thirty.

R:  Out of four?

C:  yes Ross, out of four. 

R:  And how many for the jingle bracelets? 

C:  Only eight, but I see there's lots of comments on YouTube to address. 

R:  Why are there only eight? it's a beautiful bracelet, and it's free?

C:  Actually, a lot of people are gifting them to others out of the eight. I had thought people would want them on their own, but they aren't.

R:  What is in common with both projects Carla?

C:  People are liking to give. The negativity neutralizing bracelet, people donate and pick someone to receive a bracelet. It's very energizing. And for the jingle one, more people are interested in having one to give to someone they know who could benefit from it. 

R:  What do you think?

C:  When the focus is on helping people, and money is out of the equation--as in selling--people are very supportive and even understand that international postage and shipping supplies and beading supplies aren't free.  And they are HAPPY to hear of the joy they have brought to someone else, when I share the enthusiastic response to the news of being chosen with the 'secret sponsor'. Being a secret sponsor feels really great. It's healing too. Very healing, almost more so than the bracelet recipient.

R:  Does everyone want to give?

C:  I think for the most part, people in general enjoy helping and giving and being kind and loving.

R:  Is it nurturing?

C:  yes.

R:  Is it warm?

C:  yes, and caring.

R:  Is there love?

C:  oh yes, Ross! lots and lots and lots of it.

R:  Is there compassion?

C:  Yes, extremely so. Some of the sponsors know which one to pick right away, they are deeply moved, almost to tears. And very few, ironically, have chosen the same people as others. It's like Spirit calls out to them to find the right ones.

R: (acts surprised--ed)  Isn't that something?!

C:  YOU have been helping to pick, haven't you? Just like you helped me?

R:  I and my teams, my love. I and my teams.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Ice

It is cold out there.


I would like to make a metaphor that the current state of the earth, metaphysically, with the Collective Consciousness, is that is it 'frozen', in the sense that vapor/steam has the highest energy water can be at. Then water has more energy at a slightly lower thermal vibration/temperature. And at the lowest end is ice. For example, this very low thermal vibration ice cave in Iceland, is thousands of years old and is as hard as steel.

There are certain beings--some perhaps not even from this planet--who are upon the earth who thrive in 'a colder climate'--vibrationally. It is ripe for 'playing games' and for 'sport' where 'Thou Do What Thy Will' for of thing.

I'm talking deception, lying, and SRA.

The worst of the worst.

And the goal is to take everyone, every living thing, right down to that vibration 'with them', so there will be slaves and people to service the elite and prey for the predators to consume.

One of the most poignant was a Instagram post by David Rockefeller, shown in a video by Carolyn Limaco--it was of a sheep looking at the camera, and the caption by David was, 'what are you looking at? you are going to die.'

David said that to Carolyn and the truthers, not to the sheep.

David said that to all of us who are not into SRA, and even the lower ranking ones of SRA, are going to die like us according to the 'Master Plan'.

Much as Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart would hate to admit it, ice is an equal opportunity injury to the just and the unjust.

They happen to 'thrive' in the 'lower vibrations'.

But they are not immune.

Neither are we.

Ice does not last forever.

The Spring arrives and the ice thaws.

This time is will arrive for good. For eternity. 

And it will stay.

This is the goal.

To melt the ice.

We do it one individual at a time.

As we open our hearts to Truth, a wave of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion washes over us.

It regenerates our hearts.

And It will remain.

I would like to change the subject now to a deep spiritual philosophical a-ha! moment which came to me last night as I was watering the Christmas Tree and praying for it to live, and also, I gave it Reiki.

The living part of the tree is right under the bark. All of the inside is old plant cells. It's technically dead. Like our hair.

It gives strength and is part of the tree life cycle.

But trees 'live on the outside'...the outer well as in the leaves and branches.

They are protected when young, and grow to great magnificence in time.

They also communicate with one another. I have heard that in a forest, a sick or baby tree will be given nutrients from a tree that is older and going to die, from root to root, under the ground. 

Here is the spiritual part.

We are made up of energy. From what I understand, the whirling spirals of energy are what connect us to our physical bodies.

These are the chakras.

Let me say this again, and please take it in as I repeat it:  the chakras are what connect us to our physical bodies.

Are we our physical bodies?


We are the energy field which comes into them.

We are technically a little bigger than our physical bodies because our aura is 'who we are'.

Not the bodies.

Are we ready for the next step?

In my training we were taught in meditation to 'open our chakras', one at a time, opening them as far as they can go.

Mine can go out of the room, out of the house, down the street, even as big as a city, or half the globe!

When my Chakras are open, I am fully conscious, I can feel the energy release and flow radially outwards in all directions. 

The top ones open bigger and easier than the bottom ones.

Don't try this at home without training--there are lots more steps and you need a teacher for various reasons. The most important is to protect you, and it isn't the teacher alone who protects you, it's your teacher and their guides.  You need to be in a safe place to do this.

Once the chakras are open, this is what remains.

A huge column of light.

You can bring up different things into it. Often we bring in white light, emerald green light, or pink light. Sometimes a rainbow of lights can go in. 

You feel it.

It's energizing.

You must always be sure to close the chakras at the end. We don't walk around like this, you know?

At this point we are like the trees.

We have strength within us. And the living part of 'us' is on the outside. Not the physical body, but the spiritual one.

The real question is where does the energy that is us and spinning our chakras come from? Our Higher Self? If so, then where do they get it?

I think it's Creator of All That Is who gives it.

I really do.

Now I would like to change the subject again.

Anthony and I watched this movie yesterday on net-flick-s.

It's the Jack-ash 2.

I was horrified.

We had to skip over a third of it because I couldn't' watch.

I saw snakes biting penises in  disguise, and anacondas in a ball pit biting the host's arm with blood everywhere.

I saw people eating shit--literally--horse shit! And having to drink a beer to choke it down. All for two hundred bucks.

There was a trick on a trick where pubic hairs were glued to a face of one person to be a fake beard, who was supposed to be a political bomber, who was tricked because the taxi driver who was supposed to be the butt of the joke was in on the joke too. (above one penis, once the hair was shaved, on camera, was an inverted star/demonic tattoo. Their whole 'religion' of SRA revolves around sex and perverted sex and humiliation)

I saw a naked dwarf  'wee man' running naked through a conference room'

I made us skip over the part where someone had a hose up the butt.

There were times where people threw up over feces 'gags'. The or four people hurled after smelling shit in their 'jokes' filmed for the show. 

And never once was the Divine Feminine present or honored. They put ice down the stairs and broke the front door. They had a fake person go in bed with the mom, to fool the mom if she would accept his sexual advances. They even branded her son, and showed her the horrible infected mess, on what, as she had said, 'were cute butt cheeks and perfect' before--as she cried out in horror and dismay.

These are humiliation rituals.

Ever heard of hazing? That's what's in the photo--kids in Portugal undergoing a ritual to be accepted into a club/sorority/fraternity/school organization.

I noticed a weird 'vibe' in the movie, where the men 'bonded' over crazy ridiculous and painful experiences. 

This was more than 'boys being boys'.

This was professional actors, who are also members of secret cult organizations (Illuminati), doing humiliation rituals on the unsuspecting public, to 'bring it out into the open'. And to make money.

They lower the vibration  really far in those who watch it.

In SRA, every member is taught from an early age to 'trust no one'. And part of it is because deception, trickery and evil are thought to be 'strengths' in this subculture. And honesty and trust are 'weaknesses'.

So this movie is a calling card for those who made it, and you can see them laughing all the way to the bank.

Here is some more on their 'latest' maneuvers:

Here is an older thing, from the Wizard of Oz, to show you how movies are so much 'more' than 'entertainment' in these people's hands.

For those of you who are still with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being awake and pushing yourselves to learn.

You need to see it, to step away from it.

Otherwise it's never going to thaw--the Illusion, the frozen hearts, the cruelty to animals and each other.

One more thing.

This rock is from near Ridgecrest, California.

Ridgecrest is also near China Lake.

There is no lake in China Lake, it's a dry lake.

There is a big military base there.

I was nudged by Spirit on Tuesday night to research China Lake. Where is it? What does it look like? Who lives there?

It's a very poor area, with not many people, most are connected to the military.

Horrendous MK Ultra experiments and Monarch ones have been done in the bowels of that facility.

The next day, I saw someone close to me posted a photo from Ridgecrest area/Indian Wells hotel balcony.

My connection to this person is strong.

I called for healing to the whole thing. Anything and anyone having anything to do with the secret projects done on poor innocent children at that place. 

I didn't heal it myself, I called in my teams. 

I'm really glad it's done. 

THIS is what needs to come out in the open, for everyone to awaken. TRUE awake, as opposed to FAUX one.

Then we will be free.

WE can't move on as long as the suffering continues in secret, and that the perpetrators walk unscathed.

We can't go forward as long as we are lowering out vibrations by watching movies like Jack-Ash Two and allowing ourselves to resonate with them.

The Divine Feminine on this planet deserves better. Gaia is Feminine.   

Gaia has a right to be free.


This is Ireland. It's far, far away from China Lake.

The Illuminati are there too.

They are everywhere, even in space!

Have you heard of the Dark Side of the Moon?

That there is a base there? Shhhhh!

All secrets will come out.

Unfortunately there is no way to rush it.

I and my teams are diligently at work.

What can you do about it? In order to help?

Hold on to your hearts.

Keep your vibration UP.

This will speed up the thawing mechanism in the hearts which surround you--in everyone you meet.

High Vibration = direct aura to aura transmission of increased bandwidth from what 'one is accustomed to while one is deeply asleep' and there  is no way to stop it.

So hold on to your hearts, make sure they thaw gently--you can't rush this process in you either (there is no microwave for this! --he jokes)---and be diligent in your self-care and in your thoughts.

I want you to patrol your thoughts and to police them. (Like in the military if you have crumbs all over your uniform after a meal, the order is to 'police yourself' and to brush them off to get back to your inspection-formal-ready appearance you present to others).

Keep everything on the up and up (he gestures like' this high' with his hand at his head level--ed)...

And enjoy the show!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flames

Friday, December 8, 2017

Our New Life

Beauty will heal you.

There is lots of change going on around us. Some of it is unsettling. So I'm going to give you an approach to help anchor you through these changes.

Keep three separate journals. All brand new.

In the first one, you pick a random memory from your past, that is happy. For example, I went to Ports O'Call with my mom, my nana, and my great grandmother, nana Rosa.

Then you pick each sense and re-experience those feelings:

  • sight it was a beautiful clear day, the water was clean, and the stores were very colorful
  • scent I could smell fish, both cooked and raw, and also, the ocean's salty scent. My nana had on perfume, which she wore for special occasions. Things like Emeraude and Wind Song. Nothing fancy. It was special to her and to us.
  • sounds I could here the noises of the boats in the harbor...sort of a mechanical low roaring sound, layered with people talking--sounds like a flowing river--and the screeching of the sea gulls which I kind of like to hear because it means I'm by the beach.
  • feelings I felt both lucky and special to be with these important people in my life, having fun, and I felt the safest I ever felt. Nana Rosa lived in Chicago, and had made a special trip to see us. She acted like someone from far away, not here, very formal in her dress and manners, and yet I could tell she was delighted to meet me and loved me very much. Even though she did not give presents.
  • feelings on my skin and body the sunshine felt warm but it was a cool, crisp day. We wore jackets. And I loved the breeze.
  • taste I didn't remember the food, I probably didn't like it. I didn't even remember a Shirley Temple. I do recall the air was salty, and I enjoyed that. I also was glad the fish didn't taste the air with the fish smell the way the salt did with the salt smell.

The next journal, you recall and re-experience the highlight of your day, the same way, every day:
  • sight the basketball court, I was walking around for exercise while Anthony practiced with his team. It was dark, the lights were on, and three teams were practicing. One had the dwarf boy. So many kids on all the teams were smiling. Their coaches too.
  • scent  I could smell the aroma of the pine trees from the Christmas tree lot. I liked it.
  • sounds laughter. Coaches saying, 'good job'. The lack of anger and yelling. The nicknames. Now besides 'Nightmare', they have 'Brussel Sprouts', and 'Freight Train'.
  • feelings so grateful to be off work. My babysitter called in sick. Happy for a memory of Anthony's childhood.
  • feelings on my skin and body I had on shorts and a windbreaker from Lake Winnepesaukee. I had seen an adult with a sweatshirt with that on it last week. So I wore mine. The east coast coats really work better than those here. I felt warm inside on the brisk evening. 
  • taste  I had water to drink, pure and simple, fresh from a bottle.

The third journal is just whatever comes up. It doesn't have to be every day. But you process things by writing them, when you feel the need. You can rant. You can write your hopes and dreams. You can add the metaphysical things if you experience them.

This is Fabian technique basics. In an ideal world you would have a therapist who would help you work through these experiences. 

The positive things and reliving them help to rewire the brain. It builds enough connection to HERE and NOW with your own body, that anything else hidden--'soul fragments' one reader calls it, or 'buried memories', or even, God forbid, 'other personalities' if you were subject to SRA and split your core personality into alters...This is how you heal. 

It's the positive that is healing. And then gently, gently, acknowledging the 'other things' as they come up--without putting too much focus on the not-so-pleasant things. 

Essentially, you replace the 'sad' with the 'Here and Now' where you are safe, and come to terms with 'what happened' at your own pace, in a safe way.

Many readers are not experiencing Ascension with a smooth ride. 'Stuff' is coming up. Or they don't want to hear things because it's painful.

Focus on the good.

This is the best way to accept responsibility for caring and healing for what isn't so good.

You face it indirectly.

The truth will come out. For everyone. This is how we build a safe framework--three notebooks going in all.

Do I do Fabian therapy? No. I'm highlighting Kerth Barker's 'Mental Liberation' for people who might not be able to read it due to the graphic things in his own life he experienced and talks about in the book.

It's a great book. I'm glad he wrote of all his books.

Beauty is medicine.

I'm not talking photoshop.

I'm talking nature and all she represents.

When you need to heal, immerse yourself in natural beauty and natural experiences. Even ten minutes in the sunshine will do.

You are going to need to make use of this.


Yesterday Ross wrote to me. I had a gap at work. He said it wouldn't be wasted. I made appointments in that gap.

He also gave me instruction on what to do regarding my immediate family in light of my mother's poor health.

He told me to make time with her one on one, and to say what needs to be said before he takes her.

He also told me, like in this life, when I go Home, she will be the first to welcome me, even before him. 

He explained she had a tough role, one we all three agreed upon before I was born, for her not to nurture me that much, and to keep me always hungry for a true mother figure in my life. That way when the time was right I would be drawn to Blessed Mother, and I could take direction from Her. If I had been happy in my mother-child relationship, I never would have listened to Blessed Mother the way I did. And She could not have led me to Ross. It was very gradual.

Ross said 'the bracelet project could wait, go and see your mom, before I take her'.

New bead supplies arrived. I have four holiday bracelets packed and ready to go. When Ross says to do something I do. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night. I can still work on bracelets too, as long as I don't skip mom.

What did he say for me to say to her? Thank you. Lets move on past our old differences. I'm grateful for x and y and z. That kind of stuff. While she's clear in her mind.

Earth is a mess.

The people, the leaders, the environment, the practices, the hidden occult...everything.

All of us are responsible for this--either we did it, or we stood by and didn't intervene.

Even me with my stupid bottled water...I recycle the water bottle...but I shouldn't really buy it because it's a ridiculous waste of resources. I could have my own 'hydro flask' etc. 

I put disposable diapers on my son. 

I have cell phones that take some rare resources from the earth, and I think, cobalt with mines in Africa that use child labor and there are no safety precautions.

None of us are immune. The tricksters trick us, and we buy their products and even worse, buy there stories and lies they tell us.

At some point each of us needs to take responsibility.

Does that mean we become eco warriors at the drop of a hat? No. 

The most important thing is to heal and release and acknowledge 'stuff' that comes up from your life and past lives. This lightens the vibrations on Gaia, and makes it more difficult for the Deceivers to 'run the show'. Why? Because the energies are not favorable for them as we 'drop ballast' and return to our original state.

The second important thing is healing and releasing will expose the True You and your True Purpose. Everyone has a Purpose.

As you accept responsibility for your Purpose, you affect lives and make it possible for those around you to experience the 'healing and releasing' phenomenon. 

For me, yesterday, at work, I got a request to 'clear houses of entities' (I sidestepped it, I'd felt the entity weeks ago when I met the person, their vibration is not as cranked up as it could be either--I referred to Margaret), and a request for a one hour reading, in person. This I can do. We also sold all of the aromatherapy at cost to the surgery center--GI, OR, and waiting room, as well as for two separate nurses homes. Even before the materials arrive. They want to save money. I want to get the right professional grade diffusers and oils into the patient care. They want to 'do their own blends' which is not going to come across well.  However, I put a bug in the ear of a manager how aromatherapy can't be obvious, Disney does it, (smell of Pirates, etc) where you just have barely enough to give atmosphere.And not enough to set off chemical sensitivities.  Lavender won't do in a clinical setting. It has to be more like a spa, but toned down.

That's why I'm gifting a bottle to the facility En-R-Gee--is the name. So that after they experiment they will have the tools to get it done right.

My soul knows what to do. It's done something like this before, the Awakening. I feel it. And it's good. Certainly doable.

Now it's time to get ready for work.

I hope I gave you some insights as to your own awakening.

If for example, you get a 'nickel' of stimulus (watching a YouTube) and you get a 'quarter' of response (really upset, crying, etc) you have probably discovered an area in your soul that is 'ripe for healing and releasing'. 

A 'nickel' of stimulus should get a 'nickel's' response.

Do NOT face the trauma you had accidentally discovered head on. It's not the best way to heal it.

Face it indirectly.

Start the journals. Every day.

When your subconscious is confident enough, it will let the secret out. 

With your journaling and your meditation and guides it can heal.

We also have healing services of shields. They foster a healing environment because they surround your with love and nurturing and warmth and compassion. It's like a scuba diver bringing air on a dive. It helps you tolerate 'here' better because it's a little bit of Home.

I only mention this because we got an order for some yesterday. It's helped me a lot to have mine, and that's why I help by sharing them with others.

Ross waves and smiles. I'm late for work. Again.

Aloha and Mahalos, 

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is the name of a very fancy restaurant in Laguna Beach. My ex-husband took me there on one of our first dates. It was for my birthday. He put a lot of planning into it, and gave me my first cell phone as a birthday present.

I realized that in all our marriage, that was the most effort he put forth, was for that one date.

I haven't been there since. I'm glad the restaurant is still in business. It's high on a bluff over Laguna Beach...not too far a walk from why-land gallery.

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, Las Brisas means 'the breezes'.

Tonight I will speak to you about the 'winds of change', which, in my opinion, are as welcome and balmy as a tropical breeze.

For a moment, with the strong winds in Southern California, and the alert for the fire hazard sent out over our telephones...we will pause in reflection for those who are affected by the fires in this 'round' of blazes, and also, for those whose homes were affected in the last 'round' of them. Ross and I send you healing every day. We hope for the safety of all beings. Namaste.

The other day Ross said something to me that was profound, and striking.

He said, basically, 'you don't know a thing about Love, and I will teach you...'

I felt it in my bones, I sensed it, as his introduction to Galactic and Angelic Love. He was very intense, and earnest.

It also is logical. I'm incarnate and under the veil. He isn't. And up where he is, Love is really more than the romantic, family, friendship, camaraderie we have here...

I'm ready to learn.

My healings have changed considerably in the last week. I send healings to my patients during surgery. 

One was a teenager who had multiple health problems, mental, physical, chronic pain, drug seeking, and super morbid obesity. This was the child of a colleague of mine. It happened by 'accident' that this soul came to me. You know the 'random' workings of our guides, who 'coordinate' things behind the scenes? That kind of 'accident'.

Long story short, I hot-wired the chakras of this teen. 

The bottom three were shot. So out of whack I couldn't even cleanse and balance them back to 'normal'. Red, orange and yellow were a MESS, a total mess! I've never met a challenge I couldn't find a way through, and this was no exception. I just merged the three, put them into the new modified yellow chakra position, and gave it a big 'jump start'. Lots and lots of Reiki. 

I'm getting souls who just barely made it to 5D, but are going to have a hard time of it, so I'm working extra hard on them while they are under anesthesia and able to benefit from the Reiki.

Today, I had one, a special request, and when I went to give Reiki, something new happened. I just focused super intense on the third eye, held the head in my hands (I was adjusting airway so I was already there) and blessed through the third eye like I'd done this forever. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Next came a challenge.

This was the other patient who had complex issues, almost died in anesthesia, woke up slow, and was super high risk. There was a cloud of negative thinking in both the patient and the family member. Anesthesia and surgery was difficult, as I thought perhaps might happen...

Ross told me to bless this one, same as the first one.

I was like,! Not easy to do!

The energies were NOT natural, I knew the patient needed it, and I used effort to 'bless' the same as I did before, the same way. 

Both needed blessings.

One was lots easier--colleague, special request, someone I know.

The other--less easy.

It was a good lesson to learn for me. Building the spiritual muscles! 

Isn't this a cool sheep? It's all wooly. 

Try to visualize this--something with more form and texture--than a regular sheep when you think of those asleep, and start wanting to call them 'sheeple'.

They are not sheep or sheeple.

They are wonderful individual souls who are caught up perhaps a little 'too much' into the Illusion...from Stockholm syndrome to sympathizer...and all of it is okay.

They are going to wake up.

I have a series of arguments with videos I'd like to reach a conclusion...(I love Geometry, can you tell? LOL. Total mathematical  'proof'!)

First off is this--a little slanted--but makes an excellent point:

What these two are illustrating is what is called 'The Narrative'--the official story that we are told by 'society' or literally by saying 'society' we imply, 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'  who 'run things behind the scenes'.

Here is another look at the origin of the 'official view' of the Narrative on Jesus.

( Please note--the important part is in the documentary clips within the video, and if the speaker's tone upsets you, turn off the volume, look at his summary, and turn it on when you see the documentary with the other dude. <3 Some of my students got really upset over this film. This is your disclaimer <3)

This one is twenty-six minutes well-invested. This video is the link between the beliefs of SRA (Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart) and antiquity. 

It explains the pedophilia and the perverse sex.

It explains the hatred against Jesus, and in fact, proves beyond a doubt that he IS real. Why else would they say he was killed, beheaded, etc and is 'burning on excrement' in Hell if he didn't exist, right?

He was a threat to the status quo.

Just like Bob Marley. Please read the link from the CIA agent's deathbed confession which is linked to Bob's name.

This video is really hard to watch (the person talking is just low vibe/hard to listen to), however, Carolyn Limaco says that this gentleman says that the Rothschilds consider all of humanity to be 'livestock'.

Kerth Barker, in his books, says that 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' consider themselves to be superior to us, and 'predators'--which explains the cannibalism.

In This video Richie from Boston and the Romanian follower are brilliant! Barium (Ba) plus Aluminum (Al) in chemtrails equals BaAl!

The plot thickens!

The truth will come out in the end.

We are so very close to our goal--the end of our mission--do not be concerned about negative outcomes. The very best help is at hand. And there's also one more reason.

The increasing vibrations which surround us--both of humanity and Earth itself.

Here are two examples of extremely rapid manifestation, the not-so-good, and the good.

Example A:  Surgeon is negative thinker. Surgeon did not pay taxes. The government is now foreclosing on the home.  (this is also an example of how the middle class is being 'squeezed out' and a physician is having a hard time making a living in today's economic environment.)

Example B:  Charlie wants to go to Big Sur. He's excited about the piece of jade he found there several years ago. He carried it with him in his pocket for days, and then took it on the tip up north. He's looking for a waterfall, and hikes. Once he's there, he's drawn to an outcropping of rocks. He sees one that is green. Just inches sticking up from the soil. He digs. It's a very large specimen of jade! There are times he's not sure he will succeed--he has no shovel, and he digs with his bare hands. He succeeds. He has a new fifty pound specimen of jade at home. He had to carry it back from the hike, it wasn't easy, but he did it.

As for me, I like food. I think I'm going to manifest it.

By the way, I wasn't sure if the Medical Medium was legit. You can tell someone by the company that keep, and his company is all celebrities. However, I tried what he says to do, just in case it works. I've been juicing for my thyroid, and I feel better. It's hard to explain. I haven't done all the remedies yet. The few I have done, are really nice. I'll try more.

Today wasn't the best day.

I had a day off.  There's a little lump on my arm I wanted removed. My friend the surgeon--not the one in Example A--was going to do it at my appointment. 

Yesterday a nurse reminded me her procedure is today, and she wanted my services. I said no problem I will come in for you. 

Well, my boss didn't want to wait, and offered me the rest of his lineup, which was with a slow person and ruined my appointment.

Luckily, my doctor is my friend. And she understood, and waited for me--one and one half hours late!

Her mom has blue fingers. She's not responsive. She's at the end end end stage of lung cancer, in Illinois, where her brother lives. He's taking care of their mom--who's in a facility near his house. 

The lady who helped me with my appointment (husband and wife are both my doctors, I saw him last week)--her mom died only days before my appointment. I heard from the surgeon that a family member was rude to the lady even before the funeral and it was totally inappropriate. 

When I heard about the rudeness I decided to make a grief bracelet for her, because I heard she was really shook up.

And spirit nudged me today to make two bracelets, one for my friend and doctor (surgeon) and for her office staff with the 'rude' experience. 

I dropped them off today. I gave one to the office lady, and explained to her, and asked her to give one to my friend/doc when her mom dies. It's angelite, I said, and it will help with the grieving process. 

I'll never forget the one tear that ran down her face as I gave her that. When I said, 'I heard someone was rude to you and I decided then and there to make you a bracelet to help'. It touched her. She didn't know how this could come out of the blue, and yet, it touched her heart where it was sore and helped her to find relief from this ache--all this was said by the tear. And the holding back, because it's a work day, and there's work to do, and it's so easy to fall apart with so recent a death.

After my appointment, Ross wanted me to go to the crystal shop. 

Charlie was there. He normally doesn't work those days. He's the one who knows crystals as much as Brandon the owner. 

They had just had a recent shipment. 

I didn't want to spend money, I just wanted to honor Ross and soak up the vibes.

Charlie showed me the interesting new crystals. He was right, the sulfur quartz IS detoxing! I took a small piece, a point. I found the rutilated quartz, a double point wand with a beautiful band of golden rutile. And then he showed me the citrine spheres. Wow! Everything I found--pink danburite, an enhydro (water inside the crystal), the sphere...helped to energize me. I had thrown myself into my new projects so 'full steam ahead!' with enthusiasm...that was energizing me...or so I thought.

My point is I am at a new level. I'm functioning in a higher capacity to teach and assist souls. 

So Ross' point is, I'm learning about Love in a whole new way.

This also needs new tools for me.

The way Charlie explained it, is if you get thirty acres of land, you're not going to be able to mow it with the lawnmower you use in your back yard. You need new equipment. 

Ross reassured me this is Divine Will, to never be afraid of getting the tools you need to do your earthly mission, and to take from the Divine as much as I love to 'give' of the Divine in my life's work as a healer to others.  

I had a hard time earlier today because I'm so frustrated with everyone 'up their' being so invisible! How they come and go. I told Ross yesterday the worst part about our current situation is I never know for sure how he is or when I will be to see him--I know I know I know he totally loves me--it's the long distance thing where I don't have any control or sense of 'normalcy' that's so hard on me while I am incarnate. He asked me what was the worst part. 

I'm a good trooper, and I'll keep on going without rocking the boat.

The crystals Ross sent really helped me to FEEL the more intense connection to Home. I suppose I also 'outgrew' the last ones I bought. I'm really growing with my soul by lots and lots...


Carla is very happy. Her heart is roaring like it has never done before. 

Everything is healthy, her body, her mind, her spirit, and also her attitude. Carla tell them about what transpired between you and your friend the lady surgeon today.

C:  She saw I have grey hair. I never thought she had any. She said hers is just like mine--white/silver. She has to go every four weeks to get it done.  I was so grateful. I told her I was thinking of going grey, and she said don't do it! She said she doesn't because if she lets herself look older she might start ACTING even older than she already is! I was so thrilled to hear this. From looking at some website, last week I realized even Brigitte Bardot and Kim Novak and all those 'hotties' from the past really are unrecognizable now. Especially Catherine Deneuve! I figured it was a 'one way street' and not to get too upset over the changes as I age. My friend has a good compromise. I feel better when I have my hair nice too. I'm so glad to have a friend Ross!

R: Do you think I worry about my grey hairs? (he pulls up some hairs and lets them fall slowly so you can see his 'grey'--ed)

(now he clears his throat--ed)

(I start to understand the aging process is something unique to here, its an 'experience' and part of the 'curriculum'--ed)

(he clears his throat again--ed)

I don't want anybody to miss out on any of their life lessons.

For Carla, the lesson on Beauty is to reinforce what she has always known, since she was a child, and that beauty is WITHIN. It always is. The pretty face can't take it with you where you are going...but the beautiful heart? It lives.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple