Saturday, October 21, 2017

Who And What Are You?

This Message From The Council is the starting point for this blog post.   The Council takes us from 3D to a lecture on quantum physics--particles, waves, of subatomic particles. It is correct in all regards, scientific, spiritual, is 'right'.

The tone I beg to differ.

Their tone, in my opinion, is condescending.

Through reading the article, I following the 'lead' and 'made connections'.

In fact, I will 'make the connections' even more pleasant for those of us who find ourselves currently incarnate--I will explain the 'next steps' in pictures.

Hopefully if done well, my work here in this blog post will 'spare us' of being subject to 'more condescension' from The Council.

Wish me luck!

Please regard the image above with the systems of humans (and other living creature). Thank you. As a physician, I work with all of these systems, plus the endocrine system, immune system, lymphatic system...every day. I've learned to understand each one, as well as how they work together, in health and in disease.

What may not be obvious to you, as a non-medically trained person, is obvious to those who are medically trained...therefore some things you can't SEE are actually happening on their own in your body, and it's not needed for you to understand it. 

Complexity of the human body is therefore to the lay person, 'hidden in plain sight' until there is imbalance, dis-ease, or trauma to the system.

This drawing is like a 'Netter' one, the kind we use in Medical School to learn the anatomy.  We learn the names of every muscle, every bone, every nerve and understand what it does. (Netter is the famous artist who drew all of the medial diagrams we learn from)

Other disciplines learn it too, but I can't speak for them. Only for what I have experienced.

When it comes to the complexity of the human body, it is generally agreed upon that there is  a lot to know.

What is beautiful about the human body is, if you WANT to know, you can learn, but you don't have to know more than the simple basics to enjoy living inside a human body, right?

Furthermore the body comes in both the male and female form.

Reproduction is another area of the life experience which is hidden in plain sight, so much so that parents must have a discussion with their children at some point on 'The Birds and The Bees'.

Due to the mysteries of life and death and childbirth, the female has been traditionally linked to educating the children, caring for the elderly and the sick, and for the duties the culture assigns to taking care of the deceased.

Males can and do participate in these arenas of the Life Experience, too.

It's just tradition.

The practice of yoga is thought to help one better connect to the unseen parts of being human, the spiritual part.  It creates 'union' of body and spirit.

Yoga, Eastern Meditation practices, and concepts are becoming generally accepted and in fact are becoming 'mainstream'.

Some mystic traditions teach that the human body is composed of whirling discs of energy, which connect the soul to the physical form. These are called the 'chakras'.

These 'chakras' have names and are located at certain points in the human body.

Some traditions teach that we have, like the organ systems in the physical body, superimposed energy bodies --  the aura, the energy bodies (causal, etheric, emotional, physical, etc) -- which create 'US' as we know it.

Some can see auras. I can. I can also 'see' chakras when I focus and use my mind's eye.

We live in an ocean of energy, and our energy bodies interact with others. In face to face. On the phone. Online. I can instantly 'read' the energy of the person who is writing to me while I am reading their messages to me online, and in the comment section too. I can't explain how. I just do.

Our emotions are even 'measured' in terms of vibrational frequency as shown in this chart here:

'Ascension' is a term for the gradual raising of the vibration from 'low scale energy' to 'higher scale energy' patterns...and keeping them there more often than not.

This is Ascension of the Consciousness in simplest terms, and might not represent the full meaning of Ascension. It's one part, and one part only.

However, through this diagram, you can see why the 'clearing and releasing' of the lower vibration, painful experiences is important in 'raising' the Vibration from What Is Holding You Back.

Many of these things Holding You Back are entirely unconscious. They need to come to the surface to be recognized and released.

Through Reiki, we learn to adjust the energy of both ourselves and our clients.  In some traditions like my own, we are taught how to 'cleanse and balance the chakras' in addition to standard Reiki practice.

There are many ways to learn to work with the unseen part of us which is our Consciousness.

There are many traditions, all of them respected for trying to help humans who are incarnate (in bodies) to cope, to understand, and to grow through the Life Experience.

Some would say that the physical body is a 'projection' of energy, and that the 'real' soul looks more like this.  In fact, many have visualized or photographed balls of energy/light, or 'orbs' in areas where there is much spirit activity (hauntings).

Are we orbs?

Or are we angels?

And are we supposed to know?

I think yes.

We are all of these things and more.

Some traditions teach the role of the Higher Self, which is technically 'us' but 'more' and able to direct our Life Experience.

Here is an article which elaborates a little more on that idea:

Then there are some who have invested most of their time and energy in Life, to master the Consciousness.

There are Yogis who can defy the laws of nature. They can create food from thin air. They can stop their heart and breathing, and restart it again. They can leave their bodies at will, and return.

They can even decide when and how to pass from this world in their final exit.

Here is one example:

People can and do 'figure it all out'.

What the Council led up to, but didn't tell you, is that there is YOU--who and what you are--an eternal being who has the ability to CREATE.

The particles, the waves, the physical, are but your playthings. And you are a MASTER at what you can create.

Through the practice of silence, meditation, and discipline, you can both raise your vibration, and learn (I prefer, re-remember or recall) how to do what it is you always have been able to do when you are outside the human body, WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN IT.

And when everyone is able to do this--I can't, I don't claim to, yet I too study--the world will be much easier place to live,  and our joy will be more profound with less suffering.

We will be Home.

Until then, remember You ARE Loved. You have a special role to play in the Ascension of both Gaia and her inhabitants. And there are no mistakes, only lessons, in the grand scheme of things.



Let me give you an example from this morning.

Anthony wanted to do some online gaming with a friend of his from school this morning.

Anthony woke up early for this.

Carla, through her reading of Queen Bees and Wanna Be's,  understands that peer relationships are important for Anthony in his growth and development, in his next phase of growing up. She fully supports this.

Anthony couldn't find his gamer headset he would use to talk to his friend while they played (each in their homes, a 'meeting' through the magic of technology.

Anthony looked all over the house!

Carla joined him.

Anthony thanked her for helping him look.

Anthony went upstairs to look.

Anthony couldn't find it.

Anthony asked me to help.

And Carla, with her mother's heart, conceded to me at the same time, 'Ross, he needs it, we can't find it, can you help?'

Then a picture flashed in Carla's mind of a certain cart which has her beading supplies on it. She knew it was in the closet. And she knew what shelf to look on the cart.

Carla found the headset.

She asked Anthony, 'is this what you are looking for?'

It was.

Anthony was thrilled I had 'pulled through' for him. He asked Carla, 'HOW DID YOU FIND IT?'

Carla said, 'Thank Ross, he showed me where it was'.

This is how the Ascended life can be. It is we working with you and you working with us as you complete the remainder of your Life Experience.

Through meditation you will familiarize yourself with your team.

I wish I could say more on this topic but I can't.

This morning Carla asked me how I am doing? She was lying on the porch swing and enjoying the sun.

I told her I am fine and it's a beautiful day.

She smiled.

Then she asked me if I have a body where I am, and can it feel when I kiss her? (Carla can feel it on her lips like a normal kiss, the pressure, when I kiss her, Carla can feel everything).

I told her I have a Light Body, and it can feel. It has all the senses, same as you.

Then she relaxed and didn't have any more questions.

I wanted to share this moment so you will understand the kind of relationship we have, together, how Carla is growing to comprehend and accept her future 'life without a physical body' and to enjoy all of Creation (the plants, the sun, the breeze, the swing) while she is incarnate.

It's built for joy.

All of it.

Even for me where I am too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc  Couple

Friday, October 20, 2017


Yesterday I got a text from a friend, a surgeon. He needed help.

Some online reviews of him and his office were one star, scathing, and completely not reflective of the services he offers to the community.

I know him, and watch him work. He is excellent at what he does, it took over ten years of training after medical school to be able to do it, and he is so good he can fix other people's mistakes when the patient has had surgery before.

Any time Anthony gets hurt, I text him. And he is there for us, lets us know what to do, and we are seen right away.

He runs his own practice, something people these days don't often do. They are employees of huge healthcare companies.

So these online reviews can really hurt him.

I went to write a review. And I also read the others.

One patient was complaining about being affected by the surgeon having a 'family emergency'.  Apparently there were pre-op visits and work up that had been done. But the surgery was cancelled at the last minute. For a 'family emergency'. There was no refund for the work that had been done preparing for the surgery--the office visits. The patient was irate and 'let him have it' online, with a one star review.

The family emergency was that the surgeon was discovered to have inoperable lung cancer and needed treatment right away. He is fighting for his life...

Mmmm hmmmm.

The one-star review patient didn't know that fact.

I do.

Hospitals are not hotels.

Even though hospital reimbursement from insurance depends on HCPS scores (patient satisfaction).

Our OR is turning into an 'airport' with 'in room starts on time' for a 'service project'.

It's all ridiculous metrics to show our administration is capable of doing some goal that is measurable.

For me, instead of rocking the boat, I would REALLY follow an airport. The planes don't all take off at the same time. Why not offer staggered start times? Perhaps not all patients or surgeons WANT a seven or seven thirty 'start'.  Could management take the inertia of the O.R. and God forbid--work WITH what we have--let's say, a seven-forty start, and stick with it?  If most of our starts make it by then, then why not glorify what we CAN do?

Because of money.

The patient slammed the surgeon who is sick...because of money.


Conflict is an inevitable part of life while we are in human bodies.

It's the egos.

It's the misperceptions.

It's human nature.

The purpose of this blog post is for you to be aware of it and to accept full responsibility for the part you are playing in any conflict--from the thoughts in your head, to your words and actions.

It is not okay to go on like it's normal, and there's no fault of your own, for the part you choose to participate in when it comes to conflict.

Even when it's conflict with the darker side of you, the side we call The Shadow Self.

I will briefly share my own experience with the Shadow Self Meditation.

It was for my Reiki Master Attunement. My teacher let us lie on blankets, close our eyes, and she guided us through a meditation called The Shadow Self Meditation.

You need a certain amount of spiritual strength to do one of these. That's why she chooses it for the Reiki Master class.

I vibrate at a very high frequency. I had never thought I'd have a shadow of anything, but sure enough, during the meditation, a little girl stepped forward.

It was the survivor of rape when I was four, my four year old me.

Through the meditation, we had conversation. I got to hear 'her' out. Her point of view. Her 'take' on things. Who she is, and how she perceives 'her' world.

She didn't like being 'stuck' in that trauma.

I learned to thank her for keeping me alive so I could live to today. To do what I do and to help people. I hugged her and told her I would protect her now that I'm grown up, and she is going to be SAFE.

The Shadow Self meditation  acknowledges there are parts of us which aren't what meets the eye. They are very, very complex. And yet, our Shadow Selves are worthy and deserving of our love.

As we grow in spiritual maturity, under the guidance of a Reiki Master or other experienced spiritual guide, we can accept ALL of us.  Even the parts we might not understand or would wish perhaps weren't a part of us in the first place.

Everything is in Divine Perfection.

Even us.

Am I perfect all the time?


Right now I am pretty upset over the neighbors parking in my spot all day without asking.

I wrote a letter, a nastier one this time, that explains the parking rules of the community, and put it in the windshield.

I am ready to tow the neighbors next time they park in my spot.


Because of a cultural conflict, and a trick on their part.

The trick was asking for permission once, for the daughter who works late at night, and then the entire family took my spot over even when she wasn't working. They took over their spot, visitor spot, now mine, and NOT ONE CAR is even in their garage!

The cultural conflict is they want to 'take the liberty', and in my culture, to show respect, you ask for permission every single time, and you don't do it very often, as a 'favor' we exchange as neighbors, to 'help each other out'.

I don't know how to resolve it.

Am I being a jerk?  In a way, yes. In a way, no. I'm not towing them or having the association write them up.

The babysitter couldn't park all day yesterday, at my own house.

Will I offer it up to Ross, to my guides, for me to 'grow'?


I'm getting to the part where I can accept my responsibility and take action and steps.

It's a work in progress.

At least I'm not unconsciously reacting to my 'buttons being pushed'.

My mom and I didn't have a good relationship after my sister was born.

We didn't.

All I remember was her yelling a lot.

It was enough that when she offered me to have the big clock like a pocket watch which hung up on the wall while I was growing up, I froze and panicked in fear when I saw it.

It was that bad.

Have we worked out our differences?

Not really.

We love each other and try to get along.

But her judgement is bad when it comes to me, she makes many decisions that deeply affect me and hurt me (she decides FOR me without consulting me, for example, thinking I would never want to inherit my share of my Uncle's desert property my mom and dad had the rights to when he married, and having it all go to my brother in law. All eighty acres. To him. Because he goes a lot. While I'm busy being a single mom.)

Can I forgive her?


Does forgiving her open me up to the next thing she does that will hurt me?

Unfortunately, yes, too.

Does she mean to hurt me? I don't think she's evil. No.

Is my mother a bull in a china shop when it comes to my feelings, my emotions, my self-worth?

Oh yes!

Mom died yesterday.

I got the call, from my sister, they couldn't wake her up. They rubbed her chest, pricked her finger for blood sugar, opened her eyes...

She was comatose. Breathing. Blood pressure. Not able to awaken.

I drove to pick up Anthony from school, I didn't know what to expect. Was today the day?

I started to see mom, in the Spirit world. Ross was there. He asked me 'do you want to see her go UP?'

I said, 'Ross, dear, honey, I'm DRIVING a CAR. Could it please wait until I'm at least not at risk of having an accident?'

Then it stopped, the visions.

By the time I arrived at the school, twenty minutes later, mom woke up, by some miracle.

She thought she was at the grocery store! She also had seen nana (who is dead, her mom) and nana 'said hi'.

My sisters and I know this, and it's not good. For the long term prognosis, her seeing nana like that.

But for now, we are grateful. Her potassium it appears, was way 'off'.

Mom got another day in the hospital. My middle sister was so worried about her promise to mom to care for her at her house--and my mom's uncontrollable diarrhea from the antibiotics--but mom can't wipe herself. One hand won't reach and the other hand doesn't work.  My sister had to leave the hospital to give herself a breathing treatment, her lungs were so tight from the anguish of what mom was asking of her. She called it, 'my hell'.

The doctor WANTED mom in rehab. To recover from the stroke.

MOM didn't want the rehab.

I told my sister to blame me, let me be the bad guy, but she never has to wipe mom's butt again. (For me, it wouldn't bother me, I've done it, as long as it's once or twice. When mom asked me to digitally disimpact her constipation, I said a polite and firm 'no').

I thanked Ross for the miracle.

We will see what today brings.


These feelings of anger and injustice are weighing you down.

Although these feelings are natural and unavoidable at times, it is YOU who chooses to harbor them.

Do not react in fear.

Do not react in anger.

Look with your eyes.

Why not allow for 'circumstances' to be 'more than you can see' while the 'unseen hands' rearrange the situation for you so you might appreciate them?

Like with the customer/patient who was unhappy with the cancellation, threw a fit online--which is unretractable--and probably would have been the first to wish the poor surgeon well with his diagnosis?

clap! clap!

Carla has an early start at work today.

WITH that same surgeon.

Carla doesn't want to be late (airplane gestures like takeoff with his hands--ed)

Carla doesn't want to be at risk of losing her job. Not yet.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let Life Begin

Yesterday was a hard, hard day, and yet, also a 'good' one.

How can I explain?

It was hard for three reasons, I am still under the weather (coughing, making progress with nasal irrigation, tired).  I took my boy to the doctor and x-rays confirmed a fracture of the coccyx. And I took him to see my mom, who was in the hospital recovering from a stroke.

Why was it good?

Because I was like this:

And no matter where Life was taking me, I was Present in the Here and Now.

This way no matter what was asked of me, mentally, physically, emotionally, I could 'fit' and 'accept' it into my being like this:

Water always fills the glass.

There are not pockets where it sticks to itself but not the glass.

Water flows.

Water is in me.

And water is in you.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we have learned, that not only does water adapt, it also remembers...

This graphic was made by a non medical person, and yet, in its unknowingness, is brilliant!

The wave form is an 'EKG'...but there's no proper P wave, QRS complex, or ST segment. It's 'close enough'.

Our life, our very existence in the physical, is based on the combination of TWO flows:

  1. The flow of electricity through the conduction system of the heart (EKG) to act like a spark plug for the pump of the heart muscle.
  2. The flow of red blood cells to deliver oxygen to every tissue in the body and to carry away the waste carbon dioxide.
Any interruption of this flow and cells die. 

Ask my mom about it. 

Hers was a very mild, subtle stroke that affects the speech and the personality. None of her daughters were sure what it was. Her doctors, not having known her, thought she was 'doing pretty good for an old lady' but my sister, bless her, said emphatically to them, 'she is a TALKER and now she can barely talk!' 

All the nuance, the memory, the personality is gone. Flat. Docile. 

We brought her a stuffed animal, an adorable duck. 

During our visit, she named it twice. Two separate names. 

That's not like her. 

What I would like to propose in our 'flow' logic, is there is yet another, third, unseen 'flow' which is critically vital to ALL Life.

That is Spirit.

Some philosophers call it 'love', not in the romantic sense, but in the 'Divine Energy of the Universe which creates All That Is'. 

Just like water, just like the red blood cells and oxygen, just like the electricity in the muscle of the heart, our very existence as souls--and this is forever--is dependent on this Spiritual energy flow--and furthermore is the only thing that exists after the water, the oxygen, and the heart muscle stop.

It's the most important. 

From my esoteric studies, we breathe this energy, this Life Force some call 'Prana' in with each breath. 

As Reiki practitioners we can draw a form of this energy from the Universe with our hands and our being trained to work with this energy. 

My point to you today, ladies and gentleman, is that unlike the water, the red blood cells, and the electricity to the heart, this Life Force of Spirit has intelligence far beyond that of anything we know. 

And that it works for the Highest Good for All That Is.

I am going to give you an example of the Divine Intelligence behind the Energy Exchange, and what happens when an individual listens to the nudging of their guides/heart/being/soul.  I will actually give you two simple examples.

One reader was deeply moved by our presence in Anchorage, Alaska this summer. Although the tour was brief and there was no time to meet, our energy work was felt. Me. Anthony. Ross.

When we left there was a profound sense of loss, and coping was difficult. 

This person worked through their loss, and in time, listened to Spirit and decided to GIVE.

This is a very natural and healthy response to the energy one receives from Source through our work. I've had friends contact me for years, and take, and take (I have a job interview! Send it!--or comment like, 'I'm a nicer person and I get less angry since you send the daily Reiki)--that's my first friend ever, JLSD, taking. Yet, she thinks of me, she gives, for example, when my orchid was stolen from my front yard she drove great distance to give me a new one on my birthday. She's very 3 dimensional. Normal...for that.

Back to Alaska, our friend offered to send what was plentiful, preserves, apple butter I recall. 

It wasn't easy. It took time to package it. It took time for me to get to the post office to pick it up.

But here's how Spirit works.

When Anthony came home, wounded, his dog at his dad's is dying of brain cancer, his grandmother is very sick in the hospital, and the classmate pulled the chair out from under him in band class to make him a target of the bullying, and he cried in front of everyone because the fall re-broke his tailbone...he didn't want to mention at first his suffering to me in light of the greater suffering of his dog and his grandmother. It was the school who called and reported it to me.

He came in the kitchen and saw this box. 

It was huge.

I let him open it.

'Who is it from mom?'

A reader. Someone who follows Ross and my work. (I gave the name)

'Mom?! How could they spend sixty five dollars on postage?!'

I don't know. Just open it and see what's inside?

There was jar after jar after jar of homemade preserves! He couldn't believe the abundance! This is enough to feed us for three years! 

A bounty!

Eagerly he opened one bubble wrap, took out a jar, and opened the lid and took a big sniff of the strawberry-rhubarb. My, how he admired the scent!

Today it's our breakfast. 

The reader wants me to teach Anthony about energy exchange with it.

And I will.


Second example.

I have a soul sister--literally my soul family/star family--who makes bracelets. 

She makes me smile because she's modest about her gifts. She doesn't recognize them, as she expects to be clairaudient to have it be a 'gift', or clairvoyant. She's strongly claircognizant and clairsentient instead. That's why I smile. I see her 'gifts' better than she does. 

I see.

Anyhow, Ross has her make bracelets. For me.

He nudged her to make one, and to send it.

I had trouble getting to the post office to pick it up. It took me a week to get there.

It was for the lungs.

I put it on, and instantly things started to mend/heal and the tightness in my chest relaxed with my asthma. 

Ross knows what he's doing.

So does my sister.

And the Divine Timing? 

It's perfect.

Even with the lag on my part, I was able to 'get data' on how well the bracelets work to heal.

And I'm on the mend.

It also helps me so much to have something in the physical that is from Ross.

Yesterday he sent me two hearts--splotches of oil and melted gum in the parking lot at the hospital--but they had a certain 'quality' about it in my perception, a little of his 'nudge' energy, and I knew he cares and it's from him.

Yesterday Ross and I had a moment.

Actually two moments.

I give  him carte blanche with my mother. He tells me not to worry, now that she's sick, because when it's really time for her to pass he will let me know. He doesn't want me to be in that agony of waiting for the shoe to drop. 

He asked me if I knew what he was thinking the first time he 'saw' me, for reals, at the very beginning of our relationship we've had now?

I didn't. 

Ross is a clever soul. I've known him for a long time, seen him, and also, at my Karuna Reiki class, I had not one but two guides, I didn't understand it. Ross was present there in that capacity. 

When I was with my nana Angelina, at her time to pass, I was physically at her bedside, hearing every breath, and making her comfortable.

Then I SAW in my mind's eye, my nana, looking much younger. She beckoned me to join her. She was looking ahead and wanted to see.  She was thrilled to be out of her body. 

I asked her, simply, 'do you know what you are about to do?'

The question went over her head. 

I caught up with her.

Next I knew, I had one arm, of hers, elbow in elbow, and Ross had the other arm. We were escorting her to Heaven.

Only, I was calm, Ross was calm, and nana was totally star struck/eager/talkative about how she earned this seeing of Ross with her being a certain religion and living a good life. She completely ignored me, which I totally understood and accepted for what it was.

Once we got to the threshold of our destination, we stopped. Ross told her the reason he was there was because she had been good to me. And he showed her me, and when she looked, my skin fell off like a robe and this super bright shining Light was in my place--I GLOWED! She didn't recognize me, she was startled, and quickly I put my skin back on. I've never seen anyone in Spirit glow like that!

She didn't understand it.

That's what I saw.

What Ross shared, is he saw me, so pure, so selfless, so loving in that moment with my nana, that he hoped I would be instead coming to him. 

He liked what he saw. 

My putting nana first. And meaning it.

Even at my most difficult goodbye in this incarnation. I'd had nightmares about her passing for years. After I was completely devastated. But during, I was clear headed and on the up and up. 

I appreciated Ross' share. He meant it.

Then yesterday he let me see nana for a minute, and I was so grateful to be in her presence. She was like, 'Carla?!' and startled so I think he popped her away from somewhere just to see me. It was a minute of hugging her, and it made the biggest difference to my heart.


Our second moment was in the parking lot at Trader Joe's.

He told me with a kiss that 'the people will come around' and 'they will surprise you' (in a nice way).

I was like, 'Ross? I'm not so sure. They can be awful. Look how they killed you.'

I trusted him.

And he said, 'they are all from back Home, and here, everyone would never do anything like that. You know it.'

I saw his point. 

So...coming from a soul like mine, where everyone is either 'people I know' (safe)  or 'people I don't' (might hurt you more than people you know might accidentally hurt you)...Ross' prediction is a good thing.

I sense he really wants me to open up and look forward to that party...of know...everything turns like Home forever...


Everything is going according to Plan.

I make plans, although not as much as Carla.

Yesterday offered her the gift of a Vietnamese breakfast with Anthony, and a big bowl of pho for her, for breakfast. It was relaxed. It was pleasant. It was a joy.

It offered her a chance to see how mature Anthony purports himself with a medical doctor who is trying to help him, or in a hospital with his ailing grandmother who loves him very much. He knows what to say, and how to say it, appropriately. 

His presence made his Aunt so much more calm and have hope, as she is practically his second mom, his Godmother as well as Aunt. She is quite fond of him.

Carla offered Anthony a dinner which was a joy and a delight, instead of the hustle and bustle of the basketball practice...spiral sliced ham from Costco which Anthony said is his favorite thing in the world to eat. (holds one finger up--ed) At the time in the morning at the store yesterday Carla had NO IDEA, no clue, her son was going to be the subject of school bullying and an 'accident'. But Carla took the 'hint' and because it was on sale--highly affordable--bought it and the bread which would become both their meal and the substance upon which the preserves will make their debut for their breakfast. Two rustic French country loaves.

(he interlaces his fingers--ed) You see how everything 'fits in'.

(he shows one finger not wanting to interlace, jumping out, and exaggerating the struggle to make a point--ed)  It's not working when one of the fingers is going like this, do you see?

(interlaces them again--ed) But when everything is flowing along, and sincerely reaching for the Highest Good...everything fits!

So in the examples of 'flow' -- Carla chose not a 'river' because it has been 'done'--and with her medical training offered you a look to examine the river 'within' your bloodstream, within your heart--both with the flow of electricity, of red blood cells, and air, and all the respiratory gases (CO2 and O2)...and SPIRIT...which is everlasting...I think she's done a fine job of explaining it so everyone can understand.

clap! clap! We don't want Carla to be late for work. It's time for shower and a breakfast with jam.

And Carla and I love you. We never say that one enough.

One last thing--these are EXAMPLES of 'giving' with the 'energy exchange' and we are definitely NOT 'fishing for donations'.

We would never stoop to that.

It's all in a days' work teaching-which is why my logo/photo, by design (he smiles--ed), is circular, flowing round and round, just like Time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On The Mend

My lungs are improving.

Fortunately, the good news, is I have today off.

The bad news is I am not going to rest.

Yesterday both Anthony had a small accident, and my mother had some findings on one of her tests, and is going for more tests at the hospital today.  I need to take care of them both.

In band class -- Anthony asked me to pick him up early and I didn't -- another percussionist pulled the chair out from under Anthony as he was going to sit.  It appears the tailbone is broken. We have a doctor's appointment this morning to confirm. He's in a lot of discomfort, and I have been treating it with ice, ice, and more ice, and ibuprofen.

He saw me reading the book Queen Bees and Wanna Be's. He confronted me and asked why are you reading it?

It's for parents of girls!

I explained to him how with my Asperger's, that kind of stuff is way over my head. Being able to understand it 'real-time' is like asking a deaf person to tell you the soloist instrument in the orchestra and remember the tune. It's not going to happen.

But Anthony IS neurotypical, and in raising him, I don't want to make mistakes because of my Aspergers.

He clarified, 'you're like Zachary but without the autism?'

Yes. Just a little bit. Enough where I can't read facial expressions well, except for example, with you who I know and I've seen so many times I've learned to read the easy ones, happy, sad, hurt, frustrated, upset.

He asked me, 'So you know the stuff I learned in second grade? The whole social thing? You don't get it?'

Nope. Not at all. Right over my head.

He said, 'So you are really smart and there's nothing distracting you with the social situation to keep you from studying?'

Nope. Just wanted to learn and do my best.

'Then you are GOLDEN! I say it's a GIFT!' he exclaimed.  'No wonder how you got to be a doctor!'

I laughed, and I thanked him for that way of looking at it.

He asked me, 'why read the book when you have me?'

I told him the nice lady who wrote the book on 'the rules' for Aspergirls said I should read this, with someone who is neurotypical I trust, so that I can at least understand what is going on out there, and whenever I get confused I can ask the neurotypical person for help in explaining what is going on with the situation.

I also explained that as a girl growing up I found this whole thing very confusing, and it's helping to answer some questions I had about my own growing up.

He asked for a recent example of my being confused. I told him the whole Alaska trip, on that day where he was really sad, and came to sit with me, I didn't understand how it could have happened because I didn't SEE anything. I sensed there was something 'going on' with the social thing, but I really didn't 'get' it, and I wanted to at least know what it was, or how I could help.

Then the funniest thing happened at dinner.

Anthony TALKED.

I just was watching him, with happiness and surprise.  He talked about the things that are of interest to him. He hadn't done that in the longest time.

There's always time to learn.

Some people think Ascension is going to be like this.

I disagree.

In a way your soul is rising above the struggle of 3D, with greater view and more understanding.

But this image is too apocalyptic.

Some people think it's going to look like this, more of the same, only better.

I like to think bigger than that.

I like to think whatever works to house people and save the environment in Agartha is good enough for here!

I think WAY big!

I also think that people are going to be a little more 'on the move' and a little less 'agriculturally bound to the land'.

It will be important to figure out how much 'baggage' is going to be able to go with you, and to work through any 'issues' --mental, physical, emotional, financial--while you can now, so you may easily pick up and GO as it's meant to be for you in the future, if it is meant for you to GO.

I think over the next few weeks, months, we are going to see leaders 'adrift', as they are caught up in their own 'smoke and mirrors'.

The energies of earth right now aren't supportive of anything hidden, dark, or not with our best interest at heart.

Gaia wants to clear herself of this one last time, for good.

I know a lot a lot of people are thinking this is what's next. Rest. Fluffy clouds. Angels.

I think the vibration of the photo might be true--peace and harmony and love and kindness.

Time will tell about the rest.


It's not going to be any of these things.

Look at your heart.

Look at all the things it has endured, like Carla with her growing up and her Aspergers.

Look at all the things you have done to protect it from harm.

Look at all the roles you had to play, more than the Queen Bee but the daughters and sons and parents and students and teachers and teammates and workers and bosses and healers and everything else...

And imagine living in a realm where your gifts are appreciated by all...where your faults 'don't exist' in the sense that except for your teachers there isn't any comment of them--and with the teachers it is to get you to improve them IF you want to improve...

Imagine never having to wear a social 'mask' or struggle to 'fit in' , to 'say the right thing' or to 'have the right look'.

It will be in a land where you are loved for who you are, for everything it took for you to travel there, all of your experiences, both the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant, and everyone knows your name and welcomes you.

This is the Home of which I speak.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Visions

Today I am home, sick. Someone had the kindness to work for me today. I can't ever 'call in' sick without someone offering to take my place. The same is true for vacation. My job is always 'there', and I can't cancel a room like a surgeon can when they are sick.

Yesterday I had many visions.

I realize as a healer, this is one of the best things I am able to do, is to bring information from Spirit here to our reality.

There is one thing I'd like to share, Ross reminded me to, which happened a few weeks ago, and I forgot to share.

I took Anthony to the last baseball game of the season.

Ross guided me where to pick the seats.

I bought two.

While I was enjoying the game, somehow without explaining it, my eyes were drawn to the presence of a small white cloud just to the right of the scoreboard (on the left as I faced it).  It was roughly about eye level with me.

It looked like this:

The bottom of the two puffy ones at nine-o'clock position. The rest of the sky, in my view, was cloudless. I looked up and some were overhead.

I looked at the cloud and thought, 'Why am I looking at this cloud?'

Then I realized it might be more than a cloud, and a certain someone was in it, saying 'hello'.

I caught myself.

Could this be?

Hoping for the best, I returned a cheery 'hello' with my heart full of enthusiasm, in silence to the crowd but filled with love from my heart. I waved my hand and I smiled to the cloud.

The moment passed.

The next time I looked up, the cloud had completely disappeared!

Simply vanished.

I went to ask Ross about the parable of the oil lamps.

(I didn't know yesterday was Diwali. Had no clue. But that's where these lamp pictures are from. Happy Diwali to you from us if you celebrate it.)

Ross says that the story is meant to be taken in from everyone's perspective, which is different, and might be different from our own, to be understood and equally respected.

That's why we chose this image with the many lamps.

If you think of the perspective of the people who are paying for the wedding, the lamp escorts for the groom were paid to do a job, but not all of them did it. It's cut and dried.

If you think of the perspective of the groom, there are many more things on his mind than the lamps, as long as he gets to the wedding, first and foremost on his mind is his new life with his new bride (Ross says, 'hopefully he knows her'--ed).

If you think of the perspective of the other guests at the party, they aren't going to want to hear the gnashing of teeth and wailing of those with unlit lamps outside. It will spoil the party.

If you think of the wise ones who kept the oil, the ones who did their job accordingly, they would like some recognition for their wisdom and efforts, and would not want the same treatment to be given to those who 'shirked their duty'.

If you think of the ones who were foolish, and careless, are they to feel responsible and learn responsibility from this? Or is it a pattern which will happen again and again, and others must cover for them? They are a burden to the rest, in some ways, although with love and joy and acceptance perhaps they can be taught to take responsibility as full members of their culture, is it not? Are they deserving of 'one more chance?'

The other thing Ross said, is that another way to look at this story is through our bunny. For those of you who know her, she can't clean herself. She would enjoy a clean cage, and she does not have the means to do so. It is outside of her ability to care for herself as a rabbit in captivity. Furthermore, for the part of the cleaning herself she is asked by Nature to do--she fails--and huge clumps of poop get stuck on her bottom which Carla has to clean.  This rabbit is loved, she is welcome, she is family...and she has her limits which everyone knows and understands is 'part of the deal'. Ross says she will 'never be able to clean herself in any way' or improve in her hygiene without 'outside help'.

He wants us to think about it.

He also mentions the story of the other party, where none of the guests would come, and the hosts invited beggars from the street.

He says you never know when it comes to interpreting a story, and as you grow and learn in your consciousness, the stories are designed to push you to see there is more than one 'easy answer'.

As I spoke with Ross, he had shown me a special key in diamond.

When I am sick, I go through pages and pages of designs on antique jewelry. It amazes me the creativity, how the beauty lasts in some and not so much in others, and I learn about the stones.

I saw, with horror, a 'pierced' ring, where the stone had a diamond attached through it in a hole that was drilled.

Many of these are black onyx with a diamond in the middle, and are called 'mourning rings', which I didn't know.

I've learned some rubies are filled with glass to hide the cracks, and therefore have less value. Other gemstones too.

I learned that the key shape one, a high arch like art deco, was one where I saw it once, and I tried yesterday to find it again, and I didn't, I failed, and I had to admit to Ross I failed, and I was sorry.

So in meditation, HE produced the key, in diamond, and he put it into my chest like my chest was a lock.

He turned the key.

I felt this marvelous rush of energy, and next thing I knew I was standing in a very tall, narrow hall of marble, which is a combination of the two photos above. Ross was to my right, in his robes.

The lighting in these places is always unearthly, I can't tell from the shadow where the light source is, and there's no obvious light fixtures.

As always, these places are silent, and you could hear a pin drop and when I talk it echoes.

I asked Ross what are we here to do?

He said to wait and see, and he smiled.

I looked at him, with frustration, and said, 'you didn't bring me here to have me sell COOKIES, did you?!' (like a Girl Scout).

Ross was so taken aback that he had to sit down on the floor and try to contain himself from laughing. He asked me, 'how did you ever come up with that thought?'

I didn't know.  I explained I'm new and don't remember anything and sometimes people might think it's on Earth they make you go and sell cookies and things.

I wasn't there to sell cookies.

An angel came, I don't recall who, and he put a gem, just like a padparadasha sapphire, big, orange, right under my heart chakra. It was very bright. I asked Ross if it's okay? Will it hide the green?

Ross mentioned how my pink high heart chakra is there, and the green is right next to it without a problem, right?

I said, 'ok'.

From what I understand, this one transmutes the information from the lower three chakras, and filters it, into something of strength that isn't so vulnerable like in the third dimension. The emotions have more clarity, more connection to the Higher Self than before.

Then I was gone.

As I was falling asleep last night,  I was surprised to be visited by Great Spirit.

I have only seen Great Spirit twice in all my years of doing this. I was delighted, and honored, and wanted to welcome Great Spirit.

I asked where are we to meet? Here or where you are? Great Spirit said, 'someplace in the middle' and I found we were in a room, made of stone/rock like a cave almost, but warm and inviting. There were no windows.

I asked what to offer, as I have offered cookies and lemonade in the past and made a faux pas to the Galactics.  I explained to offer is our custom here, and I would like to honor Great Spirit according to our custom.

Great Spirit understood, and paused.

Great Spirit asked for an apple.

In a flash of a tenth of a second, I manifested the finest apple the Earth has ever seen, in my right hand, and handed it to Great Spirit. Great Spirit was relaxed on the couch, and started to eat and enjoy the apple.

I asked Great Spirit what would be pleasing to drink? For it is our custom here too, and I want Great Spirit to feel welcome and comfortable.

Great Spirit asked for water.

Immediately I presented a glass with the clearest, freshest water, right from a glacier.

Then I asked, if, according to custom, it would be appropriate to give Great Spirit a gift, something which is our way here, when inviting an honored Guest?

Great Spirit said yes.

So I showed Great Spirit an artwork I had been creating, like a painting on paper I held up, only it was alive and moving. And I pointed out to him how difficult it was, and how mistakes seemed to appear by themselves and I can't fix it.

That is when Great Spirit sat on the floor, and took me right under the arm, next to the fur robes and warmth of his body. I felt very protected and loved as he stretched out his arm, and started to let colored sand fall onto my picture which was on the ground in front of us both.

Great Spirit knew how to fix the picture.

I watched with awe as Great Spirit worked. Many colors, much detail, and soon it because more in line with my original vision.

The self-perpetuating mistakes were gone!

Great Spirit also helped me, with my own hand, to pick up and place the sand, guiding my own hand with his. I saw it falling through my fingers and I felt it.

I wanted to ask more questions, but I went to another dimension where it is blocked from me. It feels like it is the same place where I was, but I as my conscious self am not allowed to remember. I felt heavy, sudden sleepiness overcome me.

Great Spirit said, as I drifted off to sleep, not to worry, everything is going to be fine, and it would be a short time before everything begins to make sense.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Many things I know, none of which I tell. 

I am not at liberty to tell because loose lips sink ships.

That was a saying in world war two, for military security, if you've never heard of it.

Anyhow, this vision came in the morning, and I am permitted to share.

I saw something that looked like the queen of the commonwealth, but it was more like an old skin or a costume, but it was her.  I saw it fall. I'm not sure exactly who or what, was it a spear? A dragon? Everything was dark and shadowy.

There was another near her, like that too, not really 'them' but more like an old skin covering a being that wasn't human. 

I think it fell.

What was unusual was that a huge black thing connected them both, and like pulling in a net or something, all this black interconnected stuff started pulling UP. And it kept coming. I can't see where it is going, but it's been going on all day, and hasn't shown any sign of stopping. 

This isn't licorice string or rope--it's shiny black like squid ink, but solid and really holds everything together, like all these skin things or particles or whatever I can't really describe that are stuck to it.

It's strange I know. It's from Spirit. Sometimes Spirit isn't easy to understand, it takes time for us to process it.

As an aside, thank you for all the healing. It's been like I've been on antibiotics--my response--but I'm not taking any. My chest is clearing up. I'm not on anything more than double dose Vitamin C. And although I would like to do my sinus rinses, I've been having trouble finding the time. I will get to them this afternoon, I hope.  I am sleepy still, and coughing up lots of thick, green, phlegm. 

I pray with all my heart tomorrow is another day off.  I could use the rest.

I see how with Sunday and Wednesday I never had time to recover, and by Friday I had relapsed with my flu. A good nap today before picking up Anthony, and I hope a full night's rest will restore me to my usual state of health.

My mother is admitted to the hospital, and is undergoing tests. My sister is taking care of her, and I'm on the phone with her a lot for the medical arrangement. I also spoke with my mother's nurse. The doctors say she should improve in about two weeks. 



I want you to know that something new and beautiful is happening. 

It's something 'exotic' as in 'something you've never seen' and 'is not from here', just like this bird in the photo, which is a hummingbird, taken at rest, which is an unusual angle and sighting, for such a bird.

I will give you a hint. 

Another one of Carla's colleagues, is going with the family to Puerto Rico on a medical mission. The looks on their faces are the brightest smiles that Carla has ever seen!

Would you think anyone on the front lines at work--with the hustle and bustle of a busy operating room or clinic here in 'civilized states'--would trade places with someone like him to be off and doing medical work to those who really need it, who are experiencing complete and total devastation and destruction and loss?


All I can say is the 'win-win-win avalanche' is starting to flow.

It is the joy of helping those who are less fortunate than us which is awakening the population on earth...

All it goes down to a simple phrase which is going on the internet, on FB, 'me too'.  This again, is people putting their own 'masks' aside, in order to show light on a terribly  prevalent and hidden 'problem'. 

It's everywhere. 

And it's time to speak up.

Not in a rabble rouser way...but with a simple, honest, straightforward, 'me too'.

Now let's do something about it!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple