Saturday, October 21, 2017

Who And What Are You?

This Message From The Council is the starting point for this blog post.   The Council takes us from 3D to a lecture on quantum physics--particles, waves, of subatomic particles. It is correct in all regards, scientific, spiritual, is 'right'.

The tone I beg to differ.

Their tone, in my opinion, is condescending.

Through reading the article, I following the 'lead' and 'made connections'.

In fact, I will 'make the connections' even more pleasant for those of us who find ourselves currently incarnate--I will explain the 'next steps' in pictures.

Hopefully if done well, my work here in this blog post will 'spare us' of being subject to 'more condescension' from The Council.

Wish me luck!

Please regard the image above with the systems of humans (and other living creature). Thank you. As a physician, I work with all of these systems, plus the endocrine system, immune system, lymphatic system...every day. I've learned to understand each one, as well as how they work together, in health and in disease.

What may not be obvious to you, as a non-medically trained person, is obvious to those who are medically trained...therefore some things you can't SEE are actually happening on their own in your body, and it's not needed for you to understand it. 

Complexity of the human body is therefore to the lay person, 'hidden in plain sight' until there is imbalance, dis-ease, or trauma to the system.

This drawing is like a 'Netter' one, the kind we use in Medical School to learn the anatomy.  We learn the names of every muscle, every bone, every nerve and understand what it does. (Netter is the famous artist who drew all of the medial diagrams we learn from)

Other disciplines learn it too, but I can't speak for them. Only for what I have experienced.

When it comes to the complexity of the human body, it is generally agreed upon that there is  a lot to know.

What is beautiful about the human body is, if you WANT to know, you can learn, but you don't have to know more than the simple basics to enjoy living inside a human body, right?

Furthermore the body comes in both the male and female form.

Reproduction is another area of the life experience which is hidden in plain sight, so much so that parents must have a discussion with their children at some point on 'The Birds and The Bees'.

Due to the mysteries of life and death and childbirth, the female has been traditionally linked to educating the children, caring for the elderly and the sick, and for the duties the culture assigns to taking care of the deceased.

Males can and do participate in these arenas of the Life Experience, too.

It's just tradition.

The practice of yoga is thought to help one better connect to the unseen parts of being human, the spiritual part.  It creates 'union' of body and spirit.

Yoga, Eastern Meditation practices, and concepts are becoming generally accepted and in fact are becoming 'mainstream'.

Some mystic traditions teach that the human body is composed of whirling discs of energy, which connect the soul to the physical form. These are called the 'chakras'.

These 'chakras' have names and are located at certain points in the human body.

Some traditions teach that we have, like the organ systems in the physical body, superimposed energy bodies --  the aura, the energy bodies (causal, etheric, emotional, physical, etc) -- which create 'US' as we know it.

Some can see auras. I can. I can also 'see' chakras when I focus and use my mind's eye.

We live in an ocean of energy, and our energy bodies interact with others. In face to face. On the phone. Online. I can instantly 'read' the energy of the person who is writing to me while I am reading their messages to me online, and in the comment section too. I can't explain how. I just do.

Our emotions are even 'measured' in terms of vibrational frequency as shown in this chart here:

'Ascension' is a term for the gradual raising of the vibration from 'low scale energy' to 'higher scale energy' patterns...and keeping them there more often than not.

This is Ascension of the Consciousness in simplest terms, and might not represent the full meaning of Ascension. It's one part, and one part only.

However, through this diagram, you can see why the 'clearing and releasing' of the lower vibration, painful experiences is important in 'raising' the Vibration from What Is Holding You Back.

Many of these things Holding You Back are entirely unconscious. They need to come to the surface to be recognized and released.

Through Reiki, we learn to adjust the energy of both ourselves and our clients.  In some traditions like my own, we are taught how to 'cleanse and balance the chakras' in addition to standard Reiki practice.

There are many ways to learn to work with the unseen part of us which is our Consciousness.

There are many traditions, all of them respected for trying to help humans who are incarnate (in bodies) to cope, to understand, and to grow through the Life Experience.

Some would say that the physical body is a 'projection' of energy, and that the 'real' soul looks more like this.  In fact, many have visualized or photographed balls of energy/light, or 'orbs' in areas where there is much spirit activity (hauntings).

Are we orbs?

Or are we angels?

And are we supposed to know?

I think yes.

We are all of these things and more.

Some traditions teach the role of the Higher Self, which is technically 'us' but 'more' and able to direct our Life Experience.

Here is an article which elaborates a little more on that idea:

Then there are some who have invested most of their time and energy in Life, to master the Consciousness.

There are Yogis who can defy the laws of nature. They can create food from thin air. They can stop their heart and breathing, and restart it again. They can leave their bodies at will, and return.

They can even decide when and how to pass from this world in their final exit.

Here is one example:

People can and do 'figure it all out'.

What the Council led up to, but didn't tell you, is that there is YOU--who and what you are--an eternal being who has the ability to CREATE.

The particles, the waves, the physical, are but your playthings. And you are a MASTER at what you can create.

Through the practice of silence, meditation, and discipline, you can both raise your vibration, and learn (I prefer, re-remember or recall) how to do what it is you always have been able to do when you are outside the human body, WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN IT.

And when everyone is able to do this--I can't, I don't claim to, yet I too study--the world will be much easier place to live,  and our joy will be more profound with less suffering.

We will be Home.

Until then, remember You ARE Loved. You have a special role to play in the Ascension of both Gaia and her inhabitants. And there are no mistakes, only lessons, in the grand scheme of things.



Let me give you an example from this morning.

Anthony wanted to do some online gaming with a friend of his from school this morning.

Anthony woke up early for this.

Carla, through her reading of Queen Bees and Wanna Be's,  understands that peer relationships are important for Anthony in his growth and development, in his next phase of growing up. She fully supports this.

Anthony couldn't find his gamer headset he would use to talk to his friend while they played (each in their homes, a 'meeting' through the magic of technology.

Anthony looked all over the house!

Carla joined him.

Anthony thanked her for helping him look.

Anthony went upstairs to look.

Anthony couldn't find it.

Anthony asked me to help.

And Carla, with her mother's heart, conceded to me at the same time, 'Ross, he needs it, we can't find it, can you help?'

Then a picture flashed in Carla's mind of a certain cart which has her beading supplies on it. She knew it was in the closet. And she knew what shelf to look on the cart.

Carla found the headset.

She asked Anthony, 'is this what you are looking for?'

It was.

Anthony was thrilled I had 'pulled through' for him. He asked Carla, 'HOW DID YOU FIND IT?'

Carla said, 'Thank Ross, he showed me where it was'.

This is how the Ascended life can be. It is we working with you and you working with us as you complete the remainder of your Life Experience.

Through meditation you will familiarize yourself with your team.

I wish I could say more on this topic but I can't.

This morning Carla asked me how I am doing? She was lying on the porch swing and enjoying the sun.

I told her I am fine and it's a beautiful day.

She smiled.

Then she asked me if I have a body where I am, and can it feel when I kiss her? (Carla can feel it on her lips like a normal kiss, the pressure, when I kiss her, Carla can feel everything).

I told her I have a Light Body, and it can feel. It has all the senses, same as you.

Then she relaxed and didn't have any more questions.

I wanted to share this moment so you will understand the kind of relationship we have, together, how Carla is growing to comprehend and accept her future 'life without a physical body' and to enjoy all of Creation (the plants, the sun, the breeze, the swing) while she is incarnate.

It's built for joy.

All of it.

Even for me where I am too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc  Couple